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Many people have also bought a Rocna and you appear to have much company.

This was posted by a Moderator on another Forum, and I understand that Moderators are chosen because of their in depth expertise and high integrity - though other Forum seem to have different standards of what they consider 'high integrity'. In fact this Moderator is so highly regarded he Moderates on 2 different Forum.

It appears even a Rocna has (at least one?) achilles heel - which coincidentally is exactly, if not uncannily, the performance that Fortress have found in their tests of the Rocna. The quote is of a fairly heavy and highly regarded 54' yacht, not Trawler - but I do not think the vessel type significant - and I do not know the size of the anchor, but assume as he is a Moderator (and thus an old salt?) the anchor is of the size recommended or larger.


Since I only have 100 meters of chain, if I end up 500 meters back from where I dropped the hook, it means the hook didn't go in, so I haul it back up and go around for another pass.

In fact, that determination is made far earlier than 500 meters from where the hook was dropped. A little off topic, but this is one place where a chart plotter, set on highest scale, and with tracks enabled, is incredibly valuable. You can see really well from your track whether and exactly where the hook set. If you are slowly dragging through soft mud (my previous bower anchor, a Rocna, used to love to do that), you can also see that clearly. Transits are all well and good, but you can't get all this information without a plotter.


Edit: If Fortress had read this post they could have discarded the Rocna from their tests - as so many would rather rely and trust 'real world experience' and could have tested the Super Max or Excel instead - what a wasted opportunity!
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