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Originally Posted by Marin View Post
So the anchor tests, no matter who does them, may be of interest to read about, and in the case of someone shopping for an anchor, they may help form a purchase decision. But I suspect that, as a previous poster wrote, in the end they don't change anyone's mind if the anchor they have has been performing to their satisfaction. The tests and theories and speculation in threads like this do not make a dent in our belief that the anchor currently on our boats, regardless of what it might be, is in fact, the perfect anchor.

Until the day it isn't.
If I had my way, the thread would/should end here. THAT is the best way to describe that there is NO right answer... there is NO right anchor... and there are too many different designs, conditions, techniques, and bottoms to say... This anchor is the best. It's an impossible question to answer (and I would love to see people stop asking it)
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