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Originally Posted by Delfin View Post
Totally agree on the value of the Fortress tests, but it is also worth commending the way in which they present their information, and promote their product. Very professional, and in sad contrast to what other manufacturers have resorted to in the past, and still do. For every Anchor Right and Fortress that focuses on engineering and testing to perfect a product, there are those who promote their product by denigrating the competition. Case in point, there is currently on another site an interesting thread on photos of anchors setting. The value of the thread is diminished through its use by the OP of pretty shamelessly promoting one particular anchor design - a good one, no doubt - by comparing the setting of an oversized hook for the OP's boat (given to him by the manufacturer) to other designs of unknown sizing to the vessels deploying them, who used unknown techniques and skill for setting, which are then subtly trashed as inferior.

When the shank of the free anchor being promoted bent after a few weeks of usage, the OP assured us that the anchor was still superior and still performed flawlessly, simply driving home the commercial bias inherent in what was presented as unbiased information.

Like you, I have no clue why anchor promotion so frequently involves sleazy marketing, so I am doubly grateful for those manufacturers that don't play in that mud slinging pit.

Sleazy ads that car companies throw at one another, although more well financed and more profound than anchors regarding models' capabilities, basically come down to getting from point A to point B.

Sleazy ads that Anchor companies throw at one another basically come down to one item... staying at point A!

While most model autos can readily provide success in accomplishing getting from point A to point B needs, and, most anchor designs can provide success in accomplishing stay at point A need... then the promotion packages resorted to often become pissen on poles or shatten on heads... in attempt to keep sales growth!

Ah... Capitalism at its finest!
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