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Originally Posted by caltexflanc View Post
If you haven't managed to drop all kinds of random stuff overboard, you just haven't been boating enough!
And far better the cord than the laptop. The one I know is coming for us is that we use Tablets wherever we are, whatever we're doing. Even on the tender. Also, cell phones always with us. And it's a given one of those will go overboard sometime.

And before someone says they're a distraction we shouldn't use, they are actually the opposite to us. A couple of days ago we explored and came upon a couple of different parks and national forests. Used tablet to look up some things related to what we were seeing or should see. Quickly picked up some history of another Indiana tribe we weren't familiar with. So we use it to enhance the experience, not distract from it.

The time to me with the most peril of dropping things is transferring to and from the tender.
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