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Most trawlers don't have a tall enough mast to set up a decent sailing rig.
Retro-fitting is doable but expensive. Benn's Tidapah should be a beaut when it's finished.

As a very rough calculation, the equivalent horsepower of sails, IF set up properly, produce about 0.05 horsepower per square foot of sail in a 20knot breeze.

The mast on my 30ft motorsailer is the size of what the average 24 foot sailboat would have. With 205 square foot gaff rigged main sail and a 95 square foot jib sail, it is easily singlehanded, but is like sailing with a permanent reef in the sail. I do have another reef point but have yet to use it. (It may be needed in 40+kts of wind)

With a self tacking club footed jib, the sails do their own thing, with very little sail trimming required. Kokanee sails at about 5 knots with a 20knot breeze when heading downwind or with the wind on the beam.
It will only just very slowly work its way into the wind without engine power assistance, but it is do-able with 20kts+ of wind, if required.

The biggest plus of the sails is definitely for roll reduction. I have the sails raised whenever there is a 10+ knot wind unless heading directly into the wind just to smooth out any rolling action. A bit of fuel savings and extra speed is a bonus.

The only time I have ever needed them to "get home" (due to a failed starter motor), there wasn't a breath of wind.
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