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Californian 34

Not sure if you have bought a boat yet or not but I think you will be very happy with a Californian LRC 34. We purchased one in October and our situation sounds similar to yours. We have two sons, 12 and 14 and we enjoy staying on the boat for extended (up to a week) periods. The front cabin on ours actually has 3 berths and the side cabin sleeps 2. We have the 185 Perkins and the boat loves to cruise at about 1850 rpms and 10 knots. As far as I can tell it gets about 1.5 miles per gallon at that speed. The design of the hull is such that the boat never plows or digs in. It rides pretty well at all speeds and handles following seas extremely well. Ours tops out at about 17 knots. The construction is stout and when hauled there were no signs of blisters. Parts for the Perkins are easy to get, at least in Southern Cal. There are several Californians for sale in California and they come up fairly often. If I have one complaint is with the double berth I have to roll over top of my wife at night to get to the head. At 6-4 and 275 it probably bothers her more than me.
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