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I saw an interview with a Nordhavn 56 owner who had traveled along the west coast and down into the Sea of Cortez (sp?). He claimed that using sails and the lugger engine with the adjustable pitch prop he could maximize efficiency at 8 knots by running the engine at 1050 RPM and about 70% loading to get an estimated 22 hp he needed to go from 5 or 6 knots to 8.
Here's the kicker, set up this way his 45 ton boat was burning 1 GPH.
I love that strange looking boat.

I have no experience but I read an awful lot. To me, that boat is a jewel. It does lack deck space for hanging out and there's the heel under sail to deal with. It has a sailing cockpit amidships , a rear cockpit and whatever room there is on the foredeck between all the hatches and other sailing fooforaw.

This is the interview:
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