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RE: Your marina's fuel policies?

In our marina----

You can bring fuel to your boat but in approved fuel*containers only and containers of a "reasonable" size.* So five or six gallon containers, okay.* A 50 gallon barrel, no.

The Port has a specific pier designated for things like truck fueling, fuel polishing, etc.* Known as the "Sawtooth," this pier (it's a pier, not a floating dock) was set up for the commerical fishing fleet based in Bellingham for fueling, net and crab pot loading/unloading, etc, so it's sized to fit purse seiners and the like which back in at a 45 degree angle.* The typical 30 to 40 foot*recreational trawler would have a tough time using this pier but it can be done.

You can pump fuel off your boat into approved containers*at the Sawtooth or at the (Shell) fuel dock where you have to make arrangements with the independent operator of the dock.

It is illegal to pump or spill any quantity of fuel (diesel, gasoline, Jet-A, lamp oil, you name it)*into the marina waters.* Bilge water contaminated with fuel (or pure fuel in the bilge) must be pumped out using "approved" equippment into approved containers.* And the Port must be notified if this happens as they may want to get the fire department, USCG, etc. involved, and they will have a say where the boat must be moved to in order to do this.* My guess would be the Sawtooth, the fuel dock, or they'll want the boat hauled out by the yard located in the marina before any sort of removal process begins.
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