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Finger holes have been conquered!

Some time ago I posted a question and concern about the finger holes on our cabinet doors. I wanted to find a catch that would work with them to eliminate my fear of spraining or breaking a finger if caught off balance at the wrong moment.
Replacing finger hole cabinet pulls

I'm announcing that I have conquered the finger hole! I came up with a relatively easy fix that does not involve cabinet door modifications. I tried it out for over a year on the cabinet door to the trash bin that we used several times daily. I recently finished converting all our finger pulls the same way and they work great.

I used a knob with a base bigger than the hole. The knob is attached to a dowel just smaller than the hole diameter. A smaller dowel is drilled through at right angles which act as the "finger." Pulling the knob pulls the "finger" which actuates the latch. The spring loaded latch pulls the knob back into position when released. The notch in the smaller dowel engages the latch. In a few cases the notch tends to disengage which is solved by simply wrapping a rubber band around the dowel and the latch. Adjusting the position of the knob on the threaded stud adjusts the latch catch and release point. I used Hanger bolts, Steel plain finish, #8-32 x 1-1/2" from Bolt Depot online. I have plenty left if anyone needs some.

You can see photos that show how at the following link. Finger holes conquered!

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