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Old Paths

Just seemed right to share this short story view of 'what it was'
Often when posting to the 'OTDE' some of what is related within seems to lay just below the surface. Being close to Christmas may have something to do with the desire to share:
I wish the old paths were before us instead of behind us.

I liked the old paths, when
Moms were at home.
Dads were at work.
Brothers went into the army.
And sisters got married BEFORE having
Crime did not pay;
Hard work did;
And people knew the difference.
Moms could cook;
Dads would work;
Children would behave.
Husbands were loving;
Wives were supportive;
And children were polite.
Women wore the jewelry;
And Men wore the pants.
Women looked like ladies;
Men looked like gentlemen;
And children looked decent.
People loved the truth,
And hated a lie.
They came to church to get IN,
Not to get OUT!
Hymns sounded Godly;
Sermons sounded helpful;
Rejoicing sounded normal;
And crying sounded sincere.
Cursing was wicked;
Drugs were for illness;
And divorce was unthinkable.
The flag was honored;
America was beautiful;
And God was welcome!
We read the Bible in public;
Prayed in school;
And preached from house to house.
To be called an American was worth dying for;
To be called an American was worth living for;
To be called a traitor was a shame!
I still like the old paths the best!

'The Old Paths' was written by a retired
minister who lives In Tennessee.

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I like that path. Wishing it would return but doubtful it will. Sad.

Mike and Tina
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Originally Posted by GFC View Post
I like that path. Wishing it would return but doubtful it will. Sad.
Yes, but old paths sometimes look far better in the rear view mirror than they were in reality. Perhaps there were some of you who had idyllic lives and even perfect childhoods, but you are probably very much in the minority. We're definitely two people who would have no desire to go back. Meanwhile we do work on making our present as near as we can to our perfect picture. So, we've created this:

I dream of a time when
Families have leisure time
To spend together.
There are no wars to fight.
Relationships are healthy and
Children loved and nurtured.
Crime is no longer needed
As options are available to all
And people respect people.
Dinner is a time together
And family is placed above work.
Children are loved
Families are loving.
Families are supportive.
All people are respectful
Weíre not impressed by jewels
We donít care what one wears
Ladies and Gentlemen are not
How we dress but how we act.
Children are treasured.
Honesty prevails.
Lies are no longer rewarded.
Religions are used to improve the world
Not as excuses for war or hatred.
We sing joyfully.
We talk with excitement in our voices
We live with hope.
Our tears are of joy.
We donít talk badly to others
We treat mental illnesses and addictions seriously
Love is enduring even in divorce
We live in a world of love
Where we have time to enjoy itís beauty
All religions are respected
People worship in their own ways
We live as one community
Sharing a world of love.
There is no more dying for oneís country
Everyone lives a life of comfort and joy.
Words of hate vanish from our vocabularies.
We still like our dream world the best.

Our Camelot. Our Xanadu.

Ultimately we can't change the past and don't yet know the future. So, life is what we make of the present. It's pretty bad for a large part of the world's population and our country's population. We wish we could fix it all. We can't. The most any of us can do is fix our small pieces of this world, make our lives better and the lives of those we come in touch with. Strengthen our communities, families, and friendships. Reach out to others, embrace others.

We can yell at the television when we don't like what we see or hear. That changes nothing. However, we can respond in our day to day lives to that we see and hear. We can stand for something. We can teach our children. We can love others. We can fill our own hearts with love and not hatred.

Often it seems so helpless, but when we reduce it to that we can control then it's not. The challenge to each of us is to make the world just a little better place. The starts with establishing our own priorities. It includes showing those we love how much we do, not just talking about it. One of the two of us tends to try to take the weight of the world on his shoulders. Fortunately, the other is wiser and brings him to what he controls. As we approach the holiday season, perhaps the real goal is to make one person's life better. Focus on what is truly important in our lives. Show those you're close to how much you care, but reach out to a stranger who needs your help.

You control what the holiday means to you. Is it how much money you spend on presents? What you put in the bucket or give to a cause? Or is it love. Love's what it's all about and we believe love is infinite. It starts with those you're close to, but others need to be shown love too. There are elderly in nursing homes with no family that visits. There are children in orphanages or with parents who can't afford to show them Christmas. There are homeless. Homeless is easy as we think of them as numbers or people we don't know. Perhaps it's time to meet some and find out how they got to where they are and how by luck and fortune, not superiority, you didn't go that route.

End of Sermon. Just what Al posted made us think. Have you told the people around you how much you love them today?
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Each and every day and in every way! Thank you for your post. A worthy series of goals one may say.

I will share a secret given to my children when they married,, their children, My Grandchildren, when they married. and God willing, my Great Grand children.

"If you will tell each other upon awaking in the morning, "I love You" and at the end of the day before the light goes out, "I love You" there is nothing that was created during the day of harmony disruption that will be allowed to exist.

At the same time, be it a Son or Daughter, Grand chldren or Great Grand children, when we gather or even pass, We assure each other that we love each other and know we are in each others thoughts and prayers.
And that is just family, yes, reaching out to those less fortunate, be they worthy and not taking advantage (Yes, I do profile).

Good thoughts as Christmas rushes towards us.
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The world may not have been perfect however perversity was not idolized.

I have not owned a television since 1993. Periodically I'll read about a new show or one that is a hit and quite honestly I have to wonder about the viewers in this country. Though I recognize the Kardashians I wonder what on earth they have done to be so well known?? Have they accomplished anything noteworthy whatsoever?

As you said BandB, personal giving is The way to go. When the government (taxpayers) get into the giving department things go to heck in a handbasket. Years previous, charities and churches filled the needs of the poverty stricken. It was up close and personal -- if you were the town lush you might get a meal however you were not going to get cash to buy more booze.

Now, Uncle Sam (that's you, the taxpayer) provides magic EBT cards that supposedly are used for groceries. Sure... the drunk buys groceries and then swaps the food for beer, Vodka or wine...

Taxpayers can feel good because they are helping when the reality is they are providing the means for the alcoholic to drink themselves to death at a more rapid rate. And alcoholism is considered a disease (self-inflicted) so it entitles the drinker to food stamps and a disability check. That strikes me as wrong.

Helping children is wonderful. Ditto the elderly. And small local charities are always the best. They are in the best place to serve those in need. This is NOT the job of the government.

In my opinion that is.

And though the Old Paths might be idyllic, there's something to be said for that too. Having a goal is not a bad thing.
Janice aboard Seaweed, living the good life afloat...
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