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Originally Posted by Phil Fill View Post
I am looking at purchasing a back up system to our 15 year olds electronics and will probable be a cheaper/bundled package, probable Raymaine to match the old electronics,
You might want to investigate carefully your Raymarine idea. Raymarine is a whole different company than what Raytheon used to be, and while I've had no direct experience with Raymarine equipment I hear in our marina and have read on forums a lot of complaints and dissatisfaction with their systems. Not about their function from a user perspective which people seem to feel is very good, but about their reliability and service/support. There are obviously a lot of people who have and are happy with Raymarine stuff or they would not still be in business. But I've seen enough to be somewhat wary of them, where Furuno is like the energizer bunny and just goes and goes and goes.

And I suspect that most if not all the components in Raymarine equipment are no more "made in the USA" than Furuno's if where it's made is something that's important to you.

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The main reason I am looking at integrated/bundles and not separate is the room for the displays. Its basically in case the 15 year old electronics fail for back up. Each month I turn on the electronics and let them run for about 30+ minutes, play with them, and to warm them up.

I agree Forumo is the preferred today, Raymarine is not the same company and made in the US does not have much meaning? However, itís back up to what we have now, which keeps on working. I took out the old old Rayathone electronics which still worked, but they dated the boat. .

We also need a new up date VHF radio. They are making VHF radio that have GPS, DSC and AIS in one unit for 400 bucks, so then only radar would be need as we have electronic charts on the PC. But that is 10+ years old not sure if they have the Alaska and Canadian charts?

I figure if we have it, we probable will not need it, BUT if we donít have it we will need it FOR SURE.

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Originally Posted by Aquabelle View Post
... Its founder, Jeff Seigel, has just been through a complete electronics replacement and helm upgrade. This is a guy who really, really knows his stuff and I get the strong sense he didn't just go out and buy the most expensive of everything. He did, however chose predominantly Garmin gear & when he explains why, it makes a lot of sense...even to a Furuno-dominant owner like me....
I'm sorry I missed this a month ago. I would have been happy to give more detailed info about the decision.

I also think "really, really" is an exaggeration. One "really" would have been sufficient.

I took about 6 months of investigating everything available. I have a lot of inside contacts at every marine electronics company and did get some "this is coming next" info from some. I wish I would have known more about Furuno's TZ Touch. It's a fantastic development and met the requirements that Furuno was missing for me (although it wasn't available and I'm not sure I would have waited - at some point you have to pull the trigger because there is always something better coming).

And I think that's the big thing I learned. It's all about requirements. I started with a blank text file and put down everything I wanted if I was going to rip out all the electronics in our trawler. We had been cruising on her for 8+ years so I had a good feel for what was missing. Then I compared that list against the available products. That's much different than many people who start by looking at what's available - you tend to forget about the important things.

I eventually narrowed everything down to Simrad, Garmin, and Furuno. Raymarine was close but had some issues for me moving forward. I honestly don't think you can make a mistake by going with any of those 4 today. And for my requirements, any of my main 3 would have been fine.

Garmin was not the most expensive at all. They had some integration that no one else had especially with AIS and VHF. It solves an ongoing issue for offshore, overnight passages that my wife, especially faces. They were the only ones to really get the whole touch user-interface too. And I knew about their iPhone/iPad developments coming and wanted to know that I could get onboard and offboard access to all the charting/planning from my iOS devices if I wanted. Now Furuno has the onboard iOS products too - they're new. You can assume offboard solutions are coming as well.

I think there's one thing important about the new electronics that we put in that's universal too. Only half the display technology is Garmin. The other half is made from normal PC's, iPads, Android tablets, and our mobile phones. I think that having only MFD's isn't a good idea today. I like the full redundancy of PC and iPad charting along with the other connected capabilities those devices provide now (connectivity is coming to MFD's in the future too but never like PC's). MFD's excel for Bahamas sunlight readability and full waterproof protection. It's the mix of electronics that's important IMHO.

There's still more to install - this year we'll put in engine room video and bilge area video (rear and side video are already installed), and a new Microsoft Surface tablet PC (W8/Metro). I'm also testing a wide variety of WiFi, NMEA 2000, and other Ethernet solutions that allow easy integration of all this stuff on the boat.

I made a quick video showing an overview of the Garmin setup last May. You can see it here:

We plan on making many more videos over this next cruising season to show how all of this works and some of the newer things that are available. I'm also happy to answer questions about any of the setup. I'm exceedingly happy with the installation.
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I stand by my "really, really..." Looking forward to further videos when you get the time....
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It'd be nice to see what people have or suggest for instrumentation with respect to the various needs (engine diagnostics), house (bilge, elec, water, fuel, etc), navigation (where am I and where am I going?), communication (who are you, who, who), etc.
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Electronic Equipment

After my recent experience with Furuno support I can not say enough nice things about them and if the time comes for a make over they will be at the top of my list.

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electronics, navigation

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