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Is high pressure sprayer ok for general boat wash ?

Or too strong, especially if painted boat (Alexseal) ? No exterior teak in this case.

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Mr. C. I use a pressure washer on our Alexseal. Be careful around deck fittings and windows/ports.

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I'm not a fan of pressure washing a boat. As RTF mentioned you have to stay away from some areas. Any caulking, window seals, deck to hull joints, fittings, deck mounted hardware, etc, are not designed to take water at 1500 or greater psi. Brush, soap and water work for me.
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Pressure washers are bad for boats in many ways. And they don't clean as well as a soft brush.
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As long as you don't hold the nozzle within an inch or two of the hull you should be fine. The farther you hold the nozzle from the hull the lower the pressure of the water impacting the hull is. only go as close as is needed to remove crud. Also pretty much all pressure washers come with a variety of nozzles that give different pressure sprays. Use the intermediate level nozzle and you will be OK. I use that one on my cars with no problems.
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Turbo tip will remove paint.
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I've never liked the idea of pressure washing a boat and frankly don't see the point. What good can happen? Regular hose and nozzle, super soft brush as Bill said.

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Don't go near any vinyl sticker lettering with the pressure washer it can shred the edges. As mentioned above it cn push water past window or hatch gaskets.
Steve W.
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Originally Posted by Caladan View Post
Or too strong, especially if painted boat (Alexseal) ?
Great way to locate leaky spots.

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