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Exclamation Ocean Breeze (reverse cycle A/C) tale of woe

Cruisair unit (8K BTU as I recall) compressor went out over 2 years ago. Rather than replace just the compressor as I had done successfully on another Crusair unit, I decided this time to replace the whole condenser assembly with a new Ocean Breeze equivalent.

I was assured by Joe what they would send me would work with the original (probably 1996 vintage) Cruisair air handler and thermostat.

As it turns out they were completely wrong about it being compatible with the Cruisair thermostat, so they requested I ship them the original Cruisair electrical box and they would figure out a way to make it all work. They didn' they sent me one of their thermostats.

OVER TWO YEARS LATER.... me and my A/C guy have still not figured out how to actually wire it all up. (wasn't working on it continually for two years but messing with it a bit every couple of months) So now it's crunch time as I have a contract on the boat where they demand the A/C works and my guy STILL can't quite figure out the final bit of wiring to be sure he doesn't harm the air handler.

He has a call into Joe yesterday morning, Joe says he will look at my old electrical box again and call back 30 minutes later with solution. 24 hours later he has not called back.

As I recall I requested my old electrical box back years ago but they reportedly had thrown it away !! My thought was to perhaps just use the original Cruisair unit with a new compressor and send the Ocean Breeze unit back....but since they had thrown away my electrical box, that was now hopeless.

When I bought this thing I saw nothing but good reviews on their systems but now I see some major complaints about them on Yelp such that I'm thinking now that interfacing the Ocean Breeze condenser to the Cruisair air handler might be flat out impossible. Thoughts ?

(as an aside, both I and my A/C guy have decent electrical knowledge....I repair CNC machine tools for example which are way more complicated than these things....and yet even I can't figure it out. But he is the one with the A/C R32 charge and valve knowledge, plus electrical knowledge. In other words, the problem is not lack of knowledge on this end.

We successfully replaced just the compressor on another Cruisair unit, so the irony here is I was trying to go one step better by buying a whole new condenser on the second unit failure, but would have been waaaaay better off replacing just the compressor on the original unit...but now can't because Ocean Breeze either threw away or lost the original electrical box for it ! )
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