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Nothing wrong with a respectable debate right?
A respectable debate? Then what the heck am I doing here?!


"There's the Right Way, the Wrong Way, and what some guy says he's gotten away with"
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Originally Posted by caltexflanc View Post
A respectable debate? Then what the heck am I doing here?!
Same question I asked my first two wives

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I was only seconds from the same lesson with my own boat. Approaching a draw bridge in early AM on the ICW, I pulled the throttle back to resist the 1-2 knot or so current going under the bridge and nearly stalled. I couldn't get any throttle at all, other than an idle in gear. Each time I attempted, the single Yanmar sputtered and nearly stalled. Heading for the bridge now broadside, hit the bow thruster (thanks God it worked this time) and spun the bow away from the bridge. With the stern now going under the bridge, I pushed the throttle forward to idle ahead. She stayed there for maybe 10 seconds or so with the stern under the bridge and my mast maybe 4 or 5 ft. from hitting, and she finally made some headway against the current, creeping back south on the ICW to the same anchorage I left (Boca Raton) about 200 yards away. While anchoring, the throttle came back fully and I was OK again. I checked everything, pulled and changed the filters, checked lines, tank, everything, but couldn't find the cause.

If this guy had the same thing happen to his starboard engine, it would explain everything on the video. Truth is, I'd have looked like a complete idiot banging around under that draw, and I couldn't have done anything to make me look more in control.

"I'd rather be happy than dignified".
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Originally Posted by Richard W View Post
Also some in the air, and many on the roads. Apparently 1/3 of US drivers do not use blinkers. Improving driver's education would save much more than seven hundred lives a year ... wanna try?
Only 1/3? Guilty as charged! I always use a signal to make a turn. But almost never to change lanes. In these parts, signaling a lane change isn't considered a polite indication of your intentions. It's considered a challenge to your manhood. 3 out of 4 drivers will speed up to prevent you from merging in front of them. I've seen more than one incredibly dangerous road rage jockeying for position incident. To be honest - I have to admit to a certain voyeuristic enjoyment of dropping back and watching those lunatics try to drive each other off the road.
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Boomerang, I agree with you. It's a serious business and a simple point you were making.

And, it amazes me that some people either don't get that point, or, simply want to argue semantics just for the sake of arguing.

Which makes me wonder what their point is.

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