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Integrity in business - Kudos

I have discussed the trials I have had getting my engine to run well in another thread. I'll add to that after tomorrows work is completed. However, I wanted to pass along an experience this morning with the first shop that I initially dealt with.

The essentially screwed up. I had asked for service on my Cummins engine from their Cummins tech using the Cummins software. Well, they had problems getting that done. Cummins tech was out on an L&I injury. Cummins software wasn't working properly. The scheduling got screwed up. The mechanic they did send was not experienced with Cummins electronic engines.

They came to the boat 3-4 times. They replaced a lift pump that didn't need to be replaced. They finally told me they would call me back after they got their software and personnel squared away. Well this morning, a month after I last talked to him, I got a call from the shop manager.

The first thing he said was "I am sorry it has taken so long. We finally have the software working and have our Cummins tech back working." Then he asks; "Do you still need us to fix your boat or did you call Cummins and have them take care of it?"

I told him that I did call Cummins and they are taking care of it. He tehn told me that he was really sorry they weren't able to take care of my problem. He would not charge me for the mechanic time or for any of the parts used and installed. He wished me well and hoped that they could provide service for me in the future.

I was impressed. I never had to complain. He knew they dropped the ball and took complete responsibility for it. There was never a question of me paying for the time, travel, parts, etc that they did provide. Certainly an argument could be made that they did provide some service that should be paid for but that never came up.

So, if I need simple mechanical services, I will consider useing them again. Probably not for diagnosing a confusing problem with the electronic engine however.


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I had a problem 2 years ago on a charter boat with Cummins, the boat only being 2 years old. (Engine would bog down above 1500 rpm, we became a 7-8 kt boat for the duration of the charter. And yes a non-certified mechanic was sent to replace fuel filters, clean strainers, all the things he could do - to no avail.)

With these engines relying on software, I cannot understand why the manufacturers can't get their stuff together to always make the software available to techs. We should be able to give them our engine serial numbers and when they get to the boat they would every piece of software and instructions they should possibly need.

I had the same issue with my Kohler gen at home. Took the tech (Kohler certified) 3 visits to update my gen.

It's like engineering totally modernized the engines, but the service side is stuck in the mechanical days.

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There will come a day when all engines will have computers. Bummer
Dave Frye
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Dave did all the right things in asking for a Cummins tech using Cummins software. Just didn't get what he asked for.

One thing we make sure on anything we have repaired or maintained is that the tech is certified to work on the equipment and the yard is an approved vendor. Equipment is complicated enough that it becomes important. There is a lot of electronics. Just something as simple as having the right service manuals to access, the right equipment to analyze.
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