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By accident I ran across Amazon while searching for a new shower sump pump. The price was considerably less then anyone else.

Then I noticed a Rule 1500 at $61., so I ordered one to replace one that's tired in my center bilge.

Ordered Monday afternoon, received items today.

Just can't beat the price or the shipping time. BTW, shipping was free.

Anyone else have a good experience with these folks?

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Yup. You have to be selective on purchases though. I paid for the Amazon Prime and it has more than paid for itself in shipping (and return shipping costs) on purchases and on movie downloads.

David Hawkins
Deer Isle, Maine
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What's the prime?
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Yeah, we've had pretty good service from them, if not for the occasional wrong part which they also take back. But it seems their system is quite well connected.....cooperative sources, shipping costs low or even zero on many items. Ya gotta have the part number to make sure on auto parts. Got three wrong ones here this week, but I should have known better since the photos of the parts didn't look the same. Still, they said it was correct. Use part numbers.
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I have been an Amazon faithful for years. They are about to loose some of my business as they have opened a distribution center in Indiana to service the Chicago market which means that shipments to my Indiana home will be taxed. A 7% increase in their prices.

I have used Prime extensively, allows for 2 day shipping. This has been extremely useful for when I need a part or my wife has delayed in sending someone a present.

Before Prime I seldom paid for shipping with Amazon as most shipping is free if the order totals $25.

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Love Amazon and receive shipments two or three times a week the marina just sends the FedEx or UPS guy direct to the dock and am glad for Prime.

However a recent order for a new fuel transfer pump has taken 10 days to process from order to shipping just started, which Amazon was using a 3rd party and Prime did not apply.

I think the sales tax will become a standard for all internet purchases very shortly no matter where one lives whether from Amazon or anyone else, unfortunately.
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I've used them for years for home and boating needs...mostly home. More and more of my boat items are starting to appear on Amazon. I like their service and only have had one return which occurred recently. They were very good about it.
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Getting ready to order up a swim step ladder from Amazon. No sales tax and the best price by far. I seem to order from Amazon weekly. Just nothing too heavy as I don't want or need the hassle to ship it back.
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Wow, I didn't know there was anybody left on the planet that didn't know about Amazon.

I've never paid for Prime, but I notice that shipping times are getting better, and costs lower, often even free. So it seems Prime is less valuable now than it used to be. There have been days when I ordered one day, and had the part the next, even though I selected the cheapest/slowest shipping method.

You do have to watch it though. As was mentioned, the descriptions aren't always good so you need to read the ad carefully and do your research. It's not always obvious if you're buying from Amazon or a third party, you have to take that into account. I ordered something recently and didn't notice that the estimated shipping time was 3-4 weeks. Another time I got a very nice e-mail back from a company in some third world country saying I was the first person in the US who ever bought from them. Oops. But the product came in as advertised, so I was OK in the end.

My method is to do a regular Google search (not their shopping search) with specific part numbers if possible. I look for sites I've heard of or sound reputable. I open each likely hit in a new tab, then go through the tabs closing any that don't disclose their shipping costs up front. When I'm down to a handful of reasonable prices, I pick one and order. Sites I know and trust get extra points, but I'll give a new place a try, too.
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One little caveat with amazon prime that I just found out the other day. The two day shipping means that once it is shipped it is supposed to arrive within two days. It does NOT mean that you will get it two days after you order it! So it may be a month before they ship it. :-) (In my case, I ordered an umbrella for the back of the boat in July, and the estimated shipping date turned out to be December!)

p.s. That said, though, I am very happy with amazon.
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I too am a loyal Amazon follower. To ensure you get stuff on time, make sure you are buying from Amazon, not from a third party who sells through Amazon (the terminology to avoid is "sold by xyz inc, fulfilled by Amazon").

I don't have Amazon Prime, but every 6 months or so they send me an email offering to let me try it free of charge for a month - so I do!
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They also have an excellent smart phone app.
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Been an Amazon Prime member for 2 yrs. now, a lot of the stuff I get next day. Can't beat it.
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prime has free online videos/movies too....

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