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Feb 19, 2011
speaking of windows, our 43 from '79 has a chrome tab that sort of clips on the sliding window.* we are lacking one in the head.* any source for replacement or alternate remedy?* this is my first entry on this site, glad to be here on "High C's".* thanks...
The feasibility of finding an exact replacement part for a 32 year old boat is virtually nil. Your best shot will be finding a similar item from a catalog or on line. West Marine generally has a good selection of cabinet/window/door hardware at their larger stores. Brouse the aisles and see if you can find a similar piece of hardware. You could also look for it at some of the used marine parts and consignment stores around the country. Take a look at and, these two companies are the biggest suppliers of this type of hardware.
Defender had something that's so close I'll call it perfect, and say Thanks for the tip. Now, to get the old glue off the window with an eighth-inch gap......
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