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Jun 25, 2008
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Now boatless - sold 6/2018
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Had a Clipper (CHB) 34
Over the last week, while we were out on the pick I noticed the bottom U-shaped track in the side saloon windows in my 1975 era CHB is cracking up - literally.* Coming out in chunks.* I doubt the original part/material is still available...?* Does ayone have a tip as to what else presently available one might use.* I was thinking possibly a similarly shaped PVC type moulding trim...?* The original material looks like some kind of outdated bakelight or other synthetic composite.
Grand Banks used (and perhaps still does) stainless U-channel with a nylon and felt liner. I have no idea if this is similar in dimensions to what is on your boat. Channel identical to what was used by GB is available in 8' lengths from Fisheries Supply in Seatle. We have rebuilt almost all the windows in the boat so have become very familiar with the process of replacing track. :)
I use the same stuff, I'm sure, that Marin described. Most of my 35 year old windows have been redone. You most likely have something similar available.
I found replacement track at Defender. Fit perfectly. Whatever you use make sure you drill out for drainage. You'll see where to drill once you get the old ones out. In my case the originals were not always drilled in the right place.

Thanks guys, I'll see if any of our chandleries here in Brissie have something like it. I just assumed with my luck, and the age of the boat it would no longer be available.

Try Doug at Marine Window Service in Milperra Sydney, ph 0297924919 or 0414960388 <>. He had a range of track last August but was looking to sell his shop. You need to know the width of channel you want and your glass thickness.

3 years back a shipwright got custom alumium windows for my former boat from a Qld manufacturer. I don`t have a name, but someone up there has track.

Any well stocked marine supply will have, or be able to get quickly, the track you need. I got some locally with no trouble at all. it came in 8 ft lengths, was for the weight-bearing (as described by Marin) and non- weight bearing, somewhat lighter and without the nylon liner. the latter is used on the top edge of the glass.
Damn, I forgot to get those measurements - oh well next time I'm down there will have to do....encouraging to know it is still current 'stock in trade', as they say.
Can these be installed without removing the glass? Or, does the whole frame need to come out. What about rounded edges?
Welcome aboard Mr. G. Rounded edges where? All around the edge of the glass or in the shape of the corners? Mostly all sliders have dressed edges. Picture or YW link to model?
"Can these be installed without removing the glass?"
Not too likely. When I did some of mine, the inside wooden frame had to come off. The plugs removed, screws removed, then carefully break the wood away from the wall. I was removing the sliding windows to fix water intrusion through the frame, so while you have them apart, redo the sill that the new track will sit on to achieve water tightness. Covering it with a layer of cloth and epoxy should suffice, then bed the new track in 5200. There should be a drain to the outside too, so you may need to drill some drain holes in the new track.
Broken port latch (dog)

This latch in on my v-berth windows. I have a 1988 Marine Trader Tradewinds.
The plastic piece broke off (on another window) and need to find a replacement or suitable substitue.
No luck at any marine surplus stores, on-line stores ect. I know I will not find an exact match, but there must be something I can replace it with



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Sorry, I meant to start a new thread and not hijack this one. Can I delete this from this?Bert
Thank you for the replies. The forward frames are either 90 degree or 45 degree. These will be easy. The rear of the window frames are rounded, guessing at 60 degree angles (or so) top and bottom. Unfortunately, the sliding glass seals on these bends.
I have just moved aboard and will try to find my digital camera and post a few pictures.
lgbert, latches:
Try Hamilton Marine, they have quite a bit of plastic window "stuff" in their print catalog and maybe in their online catalog too.
I have some 1/2" Lexan from which you could make a couple in no time and would be happy to send you a piece to cut a couple from.
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