Where to get gauges?

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Nov 12, 2009
I need to replace the oil pressure gauge and the tachometer. Looked on ebay but didn't find anything that would fit. Where can I find these parts?
VDO has , at least for us a high failure rate.

I would order Stewart Warner gauges from Summit or a similar discount auto supply.

IF you are willing to install "the best" Murphy Gauges are mechanical, not electric so will operate ALL the time.

Their switch gauges are great if you run on autopilot much or have guests that have not developed a good instrument scan , or have no idea what the instruments mean.

Really helpful if you run offshore , where scanning the horizon is the main helmsman chore.
Last Fall one of my projects was to replace a couple of guages as well. I was very happy with the guages that I purchased from NAPA and O'Rillies or however the hell ya spell it. These automotave guages worked well and the cost was about 1/4 of what West Marine wanted .

Rob Hays
I bought a VDO tach from Lauderdale Speedometer and Compass. They are very helpful with the setup if you need it. They have all kind of gauges and sending units also. Check out their web site at http://www.lspeedo.com/ or call them at 800-951-5123.

Try Greatlakesskipper.com They have NOS parts. I have gotten some great deals in the past. They may be down right now for maint. But keep trying. Great comapny
I wasn't around for the OP, but I will second Lauderdale Speedo, great knowledge of marine applications and nice people.
Look for the manufacturer of the gauge (it should be on the side or the back), then contact them for a dealer or to buy direct.
Call Bob or Brian Smith at American Diesel. Our new ones match the old ones. Chuck
Call Bob or Brian Smith at American Diesel. Our new ones match the old ones. Chuck

Do they look like 1980s original or modern? I have original 1980s gauges, and would like to modernize at least in reliability if not in appearance.

Hope all well in the Bahamas.
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