Where in the world is your Prairie 29?

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Apr 2, 2022
Perhaps be interesting to see where the last of the Prairies 29s are to be found today.

I am #33 'Privasea' - Placencia, Belize (will post pictures after renovation are finished).

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For a few years after I bought my Prairie 36 I was maintaining an "owners list" of known Prairies, gleaned from forums like this and boat "for sale" web sites. To be honest, I haven't been maintaining it for the past couple of years. There didn't seem to be a huge interest.

Frankly, as interesting as it is to know who owns your sister ship, there isn't a lot you can do with that information. I thought about setting up a mailing list, but nobody uses those any more. A social media group might work, but which platform?
Just thought it may be interesting how many are still in 'service' and where are they. At present I am renovation #33 so will continue the brand's presence for another 10 years or so down in these parts.
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Try this one: is an ad, but has photos of #33 at end of them:
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We generally don’t allow links to commercial places that are not boating related. Please just add your photos to your post. There are instructions in the how to section of the forum. I edited your post to remove the link to AirBNB.
It is better to just attach the photos to your post. A lot of people don’t have or want a google account.
Impulse, a 1979 29' Prairie, is happily cruising the Gulf Coast of Florida. I love this elegant little boat.
I moved down from a much bigger motor yacht and I could not be happier.
Goodness, I think I finally figured out how to upload a picture.


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FA 48 Picture

Nice pic of you underway. That is a serious hard top you have there. Could you please provide some details about it? And how is your rebuild coming along? Any second thoughts about doing the work in Belize as opposed to here in the states? Thanks and Good Luck.
Hi Oldhatt: It was build with 6 4'x8' panels of 3M™ Honeycomb, extremely light but strong, can walk on it and did during putting solar panels on it (4 x 365w). Fiberglass composition: Mat, Roven + Mat for stiffness. Having it enclosed with zipper sections now.

Here in Belize you can find people to do whatever you need, though of course helpful to do as much as possible yourself so know how to fix it instantly if needed. Right now finishing electrical work, which is about 1/10 what was there before; it is amazing how small, light, efficient today's technology is compared to yesteryears, though those boats Prairie were build like tanks!

Safe Journeys /:0
Note, 'missing piece' in the back, which of course the part is just inside boat, but we always leave it off. I would never have such a boat without that cut out. Makes getting in and out of boat so easy and a great place to sit toward inside or outside.
Lucky Dog, a Prairie 29, is at my dock in Vero Beach Florida. I may sell her: my wife and I have some health problems and I can't easily get in the bilges to do basic maintenance.
The cycle of life; at 74 I am finally feeling it. I have a guy nowadays do all the work and I watch more than do. :)
1979 Prairie 29 ☀️ Sunset Harbor Miami

Hello everyone.
I am new to the chat my name is Marvin and since December 2022 I have owned a 1979 Prairie 29 which I am currently remodeling the interior after having done a new bottom paint and boot stripe. I am happy to see some prairie 29 owners on this forum.
Here a share some pictures from Jan-23-2023 at Indian town Marina.


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The cycle of life; at 74 I am finally feeling it. I have a guy nowadays do all the work and I watch more than do. :)

I’m 75 and it makes me mad when people think due to my age I shouldn’t be doing something. Age is just a number to me. I’ve always believed that if you don’t use it, you will loose it. I am very blessed that me and my wife do not take any medication. Due take a bunch of vitamins. Man please don’t let age stop you.
Welcome, @Capt.Marvin!

Looking forward to seeing pictures of your interior work.
New Flooring

Just put new flooring and framed all the hatches at the same time. I am very pleased the way it turned out.


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2023 Interior renovation on Prairie 29ft. #33


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Prairie 29 - Traveling

I am located on the Gulf coast due east of St. Petersburg, FL. I have had my Prairie 29, Impulse, for just over three years. This country that I have loved so much and for so long has just about worn me out. I am 75 and I grow more weary each day. I think I might have one more big trip in me.

I believe that I might like to go toward Belize and the Rio Dulce in Guatemala, where I would just sit and read and rest and stay until my time is up. I would need to sell some property and clean up estate paperwork but I do believe that I could do all that before the end of this year.

My question is how best to get down there, an estimated distance of just under 1,000 miles with the usual zigs and zags. I have spent much time in Caribbean Mexico and do not really want to repeat that. But Belize and Guatemala hold much fascination for me.

From my current location I could go South to Key West and then skirt the Cuban coast until I hit Cancun, thereupon resting up some and refueling before continuing South. Or, I could follow the northern Gulf coast - Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Bay of Campeche, Isla Mujeres and then South to Belize and Guatemala.

If you were me which way would you go?

My 1979 Prairie 29 has the original Perkins 4-108 but it was completely rebuilt four years ago. I have the receipts and have spoken to the mechanic, who I have a lot of faith in.

So, would you take an old Prairie 29 from here to Belize and the Rio Dulce? If so, what time of year would you go? What would you be watching out for? Would you seriously consider re-powering, maybe with a Beta? Other ideas?

This would likely be a one way trip for me. And also solo but with my 20 pound dog, I suspect.

All thoughts and suggestions are very much appreciated.

Thank you. M.
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