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Oct 11, 2007
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Can anyone on this forum point me towards an "Honest to God Trawler Site" where I can read about Trawlers, performance charts, cruises, knock downs, etc. This site has evolved into a political forum, economic forum & general news, etc.
I get all that kind of stuff from NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, Fox, Newspapers and television. When I sign on to PMM and this site, I want to read about <u>boats</u>!

About the only boat related post I've read lately is NomadWilly's "Long Way Home" which, BTW, I found interesting, informative and entertaining.

I'll bet I get some flack from this post but I know I'm not alone is this regard.

No flack Walt. Ironically, we started this forum because of the lack of trawler related sites. This forum is what you make it. Maybe everyone needs to make an effort to get more on track with what they want to discuss. IOW, make an active attempt to start threads about things you want to talk about.
Come over to the Passagemaker site, we talk about boats (trawlers) not Obama.
The PassageMaker site if filled with alot of useful content.

The message board is actually the same infrastructure as TrawlerForum.com.* The only thing is that it has by far more content so sometimes it takes a second longer to load.* Also for the users convenience they have archived their old message board for users to look through

Also PassageMaker offers many articles for free.* With every issue you will find "Web Extra" content.* Also PassageMaker has been releasing Text-only Versions to every article.* They aren't all uploaded yet but as of today everything up to 2003 appears to up.*

PassageMaker also has a Newsletter in which all that content is available.*

Lastly PassageMaker also provides "Web Exclusive" articles.* The links to all this I have provided below.

Web Extras by Issues for PassageMaker Magazine
(Click on the issue to see the available articles)

Web Exclusives on www.Passagemaker.com

Newsletter on www.PassageMaker.com

Current Message Board

Archived Message Board

I hope this helps.

Passagemaker's message board is crap. I've been on there for years, and have watched it totally decline. It was a simple, fast, useful site several years ago. Then they started "improving" it. It does NOT run on the same "infrastructure" as this one. They custom built everything to have tons of ads flashing in every screen, which slows things down to an unusable level. As they kept changing the site, they kept losing users. Their only saving grace is that they have an international magazine to PUSH users to the site. The usage is now at least 1/10th of what it used to be, if not less. I gave up on it months ago because it was so slow and clunky, and the board designers didn't seem to care, or were prevented from improving it. I visit there very seldom now. When I do show up, the discussions are very few, and mostly rehashes of stuff that have been discussed to death in the past. I guess for a newbie it would seem interesting, but for us old timers, it's gone to ****.

However, that's the nice thing about the Internet... you can go where you want or stay away.
keith unkind words super user danny is obviously trying to improve things on the pmm website. why else would he be be posting on trawler forum other than to pick up a few tips on how it should be done ?
mind i could be wrong dmitsios/dionysios might not be the same dionysios mitsios that is super user danny *on the pmm site

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Okay well I see you guys have experience with TrawlerForum.com.* What other web sites are you referencing?


SeaHorse ll is a 32' Halvorsen Gourmet Cruiser that cruises at 8.5 knots, weighs 15,300 lbs. empty, sleeps two (We don't use the dinette table) has a head and a separate shower, 2 burner propane stove, microwave, single Cummins 330B, 200 gals of fuel and 100gals of water, no flybridge, NorthStar Combo, 3K watt inverter,
FloScan, Fuel polisher, innerspring mattress, TV, icemaker, refrigerator,etc. At WOT she does 10.5 knots. Now, if this isn't a trawler, what the hell is it?



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I do not participate in the PMM site but out of curiosity I took a look at it today. It does not appear to have the equivalent of this site's "Off the Deep End," or the Grand Banks Owners site's "Dock Talk." I suspect that if it did, it would be PMM's most popular and used forum. Nothing gets discussion (or argument) going as quickly as politics, business, guns, etc. And boaters, or at least trawler owners, tend to be more mature with more life experience than, say, ski boat owners. So they are more likely to weigh in with strong opinions on these non-boating topics.

The T&T list does not permit non-boating threads, and shuts them off quickly if they begin. Given the e-mail distribution of T&T I can understand this policy as the list would quickly become loaded with hundreds if not thousands of posts about Obama, the economic situation, etc.

PMM has apparently elected to accomplish the same thing by simply not providing a forum for these kinds of topics. But from my brief perusal of the current posts, PMM doesn't seem to offer anything different than this forum or T&T in terms of topics and discussions.
*dionysios try boatdesign.net not a trawler specific site but a good boating site.
*commercial reality will stop pmm site from every putting boats first and advertising second.

If I have a Trawler Yacht, please describe a "Trawler" for me.


Actually, that's not a trawer either. It looks like it is or was a troller or maybe a gillnetter.* I don't think trawling*has ever been used much, if at all, in the*Pacific Northwest.* A trawler is a fishing vessel that fishes with trawl gear, which is generally a net pulled through the water, often on or just above the bottom but it can be set to fish at shallower depths, too. The most common type of trawl system used in the US is, I believe, the otter trawl, in which the mouth of the long baggy net is held open with a pair of side boards or "doors" that are angled out so their movement through the water forces them out.* I believe it's the most common form of commercial shrimping gear.

Not to be confused with trolling, which is pulling multiple baited hooks or lures through the water, or*gillnetting, which is the use of a*long net hung like a curtain*from a line just under the surface and which catches fish by snagging their gills so they can't back out of the net.* Also not to be confused with seining, which is deploying a net from the boat and pulling it around a school of fish near the surface and then pursing the net under the school and hauling the pursed net aboard and dumping the fish out.

I think trawling is a more prevelent method of fishing in Europe, the UK, Canada,*and Scandanavia than it is in the US other than Alaska where I believe it is the method used to catch bottomfish.

Here are a coupe of*pictures of*trawlers.

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No, it's tomayto or tomahto YACHT. And dont' forget it.
"I think trawling is a more prevelent method of fishing in Europe, the UK, Canada,*and Scandanavia than it is in the US other than Alaska where I believe it is the method used to catch bottomfish."

Many of the boats you see on "Deadliest Catch"*are trawlers when not crabbing. They bottom trawl for cod and midwater trawl for pollock.
Baker, as a rule I almost never click on "off the deep end" sub-forums because...well...they remind me too much of family gatherings. This general discussion forum hit the doldrums a while back, though, coinciding with the US presidential election hoohaw and I broke my own rule. My bad, and having witnessed the family gathering environment erupt on virtually every thread there, I'll not do it again.

But c'mon, people! Why hack on somebody for not having a trawler on a trawler forum? Near as I can tell, it's a style of boat more than anything else. You don't hear owners of split-level ranch houses tearing into people who live in English Tudors, do you?
English Tudors??? Don't get me started on those b-stards!
sloboat wrote: Have to agree that there's not much new under the sun if you've owned a 30'+ boat for a few years or if you've been on any of these sites for a while.

Therein lies the answer to the original question, I think.* On T&T the same subjects come around again and again, usually initiated by someone relatively new to boating.* This doesn't mean the topic isn't worth discussing (again) as the newbie deserves the same kind of information we got when we were newbies and asking the same questions.* But to people who have owned "trawlers" for three or ten years or more, there aren't many general questions left to ask.

I participate in the Grand Banks owners forum, and the activity on a daily basis is considerably higher than on this forum if you*don't count*the "Off the Deep End" traffic.* It's probably higher than on the PMM site, too. *But this is because people who are maintaining, restoring, or simply using their GBs run into issues that are best answered by fellow GB owners.* I'm sure the same can be said of the owner forums for all the other popular makes of boats.

The thing that prompts discussion in the boating-related forums on the Trawler Forum site are almost always questions about something fairly basic--- anchoring, engines, navigation, electronics,*etc.*I don't know if the number of trawler newbies is dropping due to the slowdown of the economy or what, but it seems there just aren't that many people wanting to know about general topics anymore. It seems to me that even the traffic on the*tightly moderated T&T site has diminished considerably*over the last year or so.* Hence the popularity of the "Deep End" forum on this site--- it's a place where people can talk about things that haven't been discussed before.* I suspect that if PMM were to add a "post off-topic comments here" forum, they would see the same thing happen.

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The T & T Forum is completely ruled by PC. If you are not a believer in "global warming", do not hug trees, and care more about the price of fuel than the environment, that is not the place to go. I have been moderated for so many years I no longer care to contribute.
I've never gotten the impression that T&T emphasizes political correctness or promotes "liberal" points of view. Or "conservative" points of view, either. They seem to me to simply make a fairly aggressive attempt to keep the list focused on boating issues only. I've seen "tree hugger" threads shut off and I've seen "gun rights" threads shut off.

I can see where this kind of forceful moderation might be viewed as PC by some, particularly people who wish to bring up or discuss issues like the environment or individual rights and whatnot.

But that's not what the "owners" of T&T want to do with their forum. If they did, I suspect T&T would rapidly become a giant version of "Off the Deep End," with the occasional boating question thrown in for good measure. I used to look at a number of newgroups, and I participated in a few. I haven't for years, partly because I haven't bothered to load newsgroup access software onto my latest computer, but mostly because most of the "rec" newsgroups I looked at were filled with endless arguments over topics that rapidly descended into personal attacks---- not unlike what happens to some topics on "Deep End." So I don't know if groups like "rec.boating" still exist. But if they do, I suspect they are the same as they were years ago, with an "anything goes" content. I can understand why the T&T folks do not want their forum to go the same way.

I have been "warned" several times over the years by T&T moderators, mostly for continuing to participate in threads that were drifting way off topic, but given what they want the list to be, I've never had a problem with it.
The T & T Forum is completely ruled by PC.

It didn't take very long for the BOARD NAZI to ban me , wonder why?


He's just looking at your beautiful boat noticeing it dosn't look like a GB, NT, CHB or similar. Don't be too hard on him Walt, some guys think that to be a trawler the boat needs fwd slanting windows and a smoke stack.

Eric Henning
I am the newbee I have been in boating 30years but never bigger then 20ft. This forum has given me alot of insite and a laugh now and then, what you decuss here does make a difference KEEP IT UP!!!!!
I really feel bad that Bill says I don't have a trawler. I always wanted a trawler and now I'm told that I have a "trawler yacht!" Why do some people want to hurt other people like that? My wife and I just pulled in from a short cruise off the San Diego coast and had our Thanksgiving meal at "Red Sails." We gave thanks for our little boat even though she didn't make the "trawler" grade.

Gosh sakes Bill....you sure are mean!


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Walt--- You can very easily fix all this. Get a good side photo of your boat. Then Photoshop in a net drum in your cockpit and a pair of otter trawl posts on the stern. Add in a boom for hoisting the net aboard, paste a trawl "door" on the outside of the hull on each side of the cockpit and voila, you have a genuine trawler. Make that your avatar photo and no one will hassle you again about whether or not your boat is a trawler.
Although not just a trawler site, I think BoaterEd* is a great boating site, no matter what type of boat you own. With over a thousand active memebrs, we all can't be wrong.

I agree with most that the PassageMaker site is extremely slow.

Two other good sites are Curiser's Forums , mainly sailing but a lot of good stuff on destinations, living aboard, etc. and
the Marine Trawlers Owners Association site, but you have to join them to get into the groups (forums) and it costs about $95.00 your first year, and I think $60.00 after that.

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The grand old SSCA site is good info for wannabe voyagers , but rag bag's dominate.

The same questions on anchors , refrigeration , heat, battery service etc are common to marine motorists.
And what about classic style vessels like the Eurobanker lake sedan 28 1978 , or classic Grandbanks vessels .
And what about classic style vessels like the Eurobanker lake sedan 28 1978 , or classic Grandbanks vessels .

Wow, you sure dredged up an old thread here. Actually, all of the above you mention is catered for on here. Maybe not called the same name, like Eurobanker, but there will be similar vessels of similar or virtually identical design, as many Taiwanese built boats are just variations on the same theme, and there are lots of Grand Banks owners on here. There are also design specific groups represented at the end of the forum, under the title "Trawler Builders Forums', found here...


Scroll down to the bottom of the forum and find which group most fits your vessel. To me it looks like a Taiwanese build. In fact it looks very much like the boat called the Clipper (CHB) 30, here in Aus, which is the slightly shorter version of my own boat, and like this example called 'Ship Shape', but I may well be wrong.

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I mainly read the "General Discussion because our Albin-25 is

quite a lot smaller than most of the "trawlers" represented here. Perhaps it merely comes down to my choices of which threads to read, but I really don't recall when I've seen a "political" discussion here.

BTW, I have a sailing friend who like to refer to my Albin as a "mini-trawler". I tell him my boat, built in 1976, predates the term "mini-trawler by years and years and a more correct term in "Scandinavian-style motor cruiser".
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