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Jan 7, 2009
In terms of the bottom.

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Looks like a boat that's been in the water for awhile and needs a new bottom paint job. At first glance I don't see anything particularly out of the ordinary.

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** I concur with Mr. Marin although there ARE spots of "redish stuff".* When electrolysis occurs on bronze objects, a strut in this case, the usual material "lost" is tin, initially leaving the* surface richer in copper which oxidises to, in some cases to Copper (1) Oxide which is reddish in color.* Copper (2) Oxide is black.* The green sometimes seen on copper could be a copper sulphate or a copper carbonate compound.
** Further de-staninification will eventually destroy the fitting.
** Not saying the strut in the picture IS suffering from electrolysis-really can't tell.
** Golly, Chem 101 was eons ago...
To build on RTF's post, scrape the strut so you see bare, shiny metal. If it's pinkish you probably have a problem. If it's "shiny bronze" color, the strut's okay.
It might be the camera angle or the design of the casting, but doesn't that shaft look like it's sitting low in that strut? I wonder what the bearings look like.
I'm pretty sure the strut, shaft and bearings are fine.
I was mostly concerned with the bottom.

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Hi there...

The reason I suggested electrolysis is that it can have an impact on the bottom paint surrounding the metal fittings before they themselves show significant degradation. The attached photo illustrates my point. However, if the bottom of your boat shows uniform wearing overall of the paint, you may just need a paint job.

Given your moniker, I wasn't sure if you were looking for advice or challenging us!!!


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