Whale gulper shower sump pump

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Oct 5, 2007
Vessel Name
Anastasia III
Vessel Make
Krogen 42
As I threatened, I ripped out my Attwood shower sump because it was so unreliable. Replaced it with a Whale Gulper diaphragm pump since I already had switches in both heads to turn it on and off. Works great, but with one unexpected side effect. It can pump faster than the shower sprays water, so I get this loud pumping sound coming up out of the drain. If I run the shower awhile before turning on the pump, this goes away, but I'll sure never let it continue to run by accident. Can't wait for the first guest to use this.
The whole point was to get rid of the float switches. Since I couldn't get one of those IC pumps yet, and* had pump switches already installed, the two drains are just plumbed into a tee, then to the pump. No way for water to get out of that system, other than to run the shower for a long time without using the pump. That bilge is going to stay dry now!
Put in a Paragon Jr. water pump. I guaranteee it will keep up with it. Only $1250.00 :~}

And...I have a 10 gray water tank with a Rule Super Switch sitting in the bottom hooked to the Whale.

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