Wanted 1984-1989 Tollycraft 40' - diesel

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Jan 27, 2024
Wanted 1984-1989 Tollycraft-Ocean Alexander-Monk 36'-42'


We are looking to purchase any of the following 1984-1989 Trawlers on the East Coast or in the Gulf. Please contact us if you have one for sale. Thanks

Ocean Alexander 40' (diesel)
Monk 36'-42' (diesel)
Tollycraft 40' (diesel)
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Have you ever measured the noise levels with a db meter on your phone? Curious what your numbers look "sound" like
No we never have but the Tollys with CAT engines are pretty quiet compared to some of the other power boats we have come accross
In your search look for a Tolly 44/45 with Cummins 6BTs. Vintage would be mid nineties with this combo. This is a great combination and offers more side space due to the inline 6 vs a V8.
Plus the Cummins are orders of magnitude (ie. logarithmic) quieter than 6V53’s
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