VT555m smoking after injector change

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Apr 25, 2023
Hi all, in a previous thread I mentioned that my 555 ended up breaking an injector push rod and filling the crankcase with diesel.
I sent the injector away to be rebuilt ( required a new cup ) and got hold of a pushrod.
Myself and a mechanic that hasn’t worked on these engines before installed it yesterday as per the manual.
Engine runs however it’s smoking a lot. Previously it was very clean.
Any ideas ?
When you adjusted the injectors and the valves how did you go about it? Like a standard auto adjustment.. If so you may be lucky that it is only smoking.

AN injector must be done first and then the valves according to the book which are NOT the valves of that cylinder must be set. So you should be jumping from cylinder to cylinder for each injector and valve adjustment according to the book.

If you did follow the manual faithfully then what else did you do?

I am not a V555 mechanic but have done my valves/injectors several times over my 40 year ownership. The last time was to redo an injector that was leaking fuel into the crankcase.
Sheesh, a month has gone by. Hope you got the engine sorted?

hat I was getting at is the injectors and valves MUST be done in a specific order, NO JUMPING AROUND and what you did, if I have got it correct, is you were jumping around. Cummins makes it quite clear, injector first, then the valves second by the listing in the manual. No ignoring the valves. Or the shaft bending will not match.
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