Trawler choices need help

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Jun 2, 2011

Looking at 2 possible choices of trawlers. The 42 Hatteras LRC mark 1 or 2 and the 39 Mainship trawler. The boat will be mostly for florida and Bahamma cruising with no more than 4 aboard most of the time. Mainship I'm looking at has 2 Yanmars engines and the Hatteras has DD. I know the fit and finish is nicer on the Hatteras and*you pay for of course.* The Mainship has the*ability to go a bit faster if you need to. I'm looking at year models between 79 and 82 for both. Anyone with experience on either care to chime in would be appreciated.*


DavidM wrote:
I would go for the Hatteras, simply because high end boats start out better and owners of high end boats tend to maintain them better.

The Mainship (with Cats, right?) will go faster when you need it, but at enormous fuel cost. The DD 453s on the Hat are old and clunky, but will run forever. The Mainship's bigger engine will result in higher fuel consumption at displacement speeds, but the 453s aren't fuel sippers either.

Both comments are generalities of course and what is more important is the condition of the actual boat you are going to buy.

*The Mainship i'm looking at has Yanmars. Thanks
Out of those two, get the Hatt if you can afford it! Good resale value as well.
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