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Aug 9, 2013
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Lucky Lucky
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Pacific Mariner 65
Hi All,

I have been active on TF for quite awhile and only today realized I had never introduced myself :banghead:
So, here goes---we are Howard and Jackie and we live aboard Magic, our 1996 Grand Banks 46 Europa. We follow the warm weather up and down the east coast. We are not retired and run our business from the boat. :dance:

Whew, glad that's done!
Mr. hm. Wait...what? You mean all this time you've been an illegal? Well, I never....Oh, welcome aboard.
You crack me up on a several times a day basis. If I laugh myself to death you will have that to live with.
Dang Howard, you have as many posts as I do and now you got me trying to remember if I ever did the introduction thing. Probably not.....welcome to the both of yer!
Hmm, wonder how many others have crossed the border illegally? (Here comes a haunting video from RT.)
hello mason were did you winter last year I think I saw you
We were in Stuart, FL.
Yes it was you
We are at Sunset Bay Marina in Stuart again this year. Any TFers in the area are welcome to stop by and say hello. We are on B dock.

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