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Apr 13, 2012
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When we were cruising this summer in the northern Gulf Islands in BC, we stopped in on the DeCourcy Islands, which has a famous anchorage knows as Pirate's cove. Given projected winds we dropped the hook at the southern end of the island instead (didn't work out so well at 2:00 a.m.). There is a sign at the beach there that describes some of the color of the island. Proof that sometimes Canadians are just as nutty as their brethren to the south.
I have typed out the text here because it is hard to see in the reflections. Enjoy!


Lured by promises of escaping world-wide destruction and attaining immortality on earth, many wealthy individuals moved to the De Courcy Island area during the late 1920’s. To become one of the “chosen”, they turned their fortunes over to Brother XII, head of the Aquarian Foundation.

Boaters visiting Pirate’s Cove, then known as The Haven or Gospel Cove, sometimes found their wives drawn to joining the Colony by Brother XII’s compelling charm. Husbands were discarded unless they had money.

The Colony prevailed six years, complete with High Priestesses, House of Mystery, Impending Messiahs, and armed fortifications. With the arrival of a mysterious woman named Zura (known as Madam Zee) and her bullwhip, a reign of terror began that included beatings and murder. When the police finally closed in, Brother XII and Madam Zee dynamited their paradise and fled.

I don't know which is more amusing -- the story itself, or the fact that they posted a tourist/information sign about it.
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...and doesn't say anything about his missing jars of gold!
Adds a certain "Je ne sais quoi" to the place..? :)
Been there, read the sign; thanks for the refresher.:thumb:
50,000 ounces of gold today worth $94 million USD + -
Here is an alternate reference:

He scuttled his sailboat and fled in the night in his tugboat. If I were fleeing in the night, I would sure as heck make sure I had the gold with me. A person who amasses wealth, particularly through unethical means, doesn't just leave it behind.
Glad you all got a kick out of this. We surely did. And I have ordered Oliphant's book to keep on the boat, for late night reading aloud around the glow of the chartplotter.

What a character this guy was! Or is....?
Wait till you read about Madam Z

And Her whips
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