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Apr 12, 2016
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Was in a Dr office yesterday, flipped open Good Housekeeping, and they had a TP review. Looks pretty extensive. Noting that their winner dissolved in seconds in their test, I thought I'd pass along here in the forum. Maybe it's not as bad as the thin single ply that always seems to be recommended.

Review page in pic attached. Here is the link:

Berkley Jensen 187-Sheet Ultra Soft Bath Tissue, 36 pk. - BJ's Wholesale Club

Not enough reviews on their page to provide much help.

No affiliation, haven't even tried myself.


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Try the "dissolve" test on it: put 1 or 2 sheets in a mason jar or glass of water...wait an hour or two, then shake or stir the water. If it's milky and all you see is "snow" it's ok for use in any marine toilet...but if the sheet is still intact or mostly intact, try another brand.
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Been using Scott's 1000 sheet rolls for 5 years with no issues at all.


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