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Salty Bear II

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Jan 4, 2012
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Salty Bear
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Ta Yang Pilothouse Trawler
Does anyone have any knowledge of any other Pilothouse Trawlers built in the mid 70's by Ta-Yang Yacht Builders in Asia?
I found a reference on line that indicates that* Ta-yang is also known as a CT(Ta-Yang).* Other than that no help here
Most CT's were built in Taipei, Taiwan by Ta Chio Brothers. They built mostly sailboats but did produce a few trawlers, most notably the 35', in the 80's. I have been in their factory.
Ta Yang built our Mariner 40 Sailboat Sea Trek (see the website in my signature) and it was bullet proof. We extensively cruised it for over 17 years. Very overbuilt and strong. They also build the Tayana line of sailboats, very well known and respected. Chuck

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Thanks for all the help. We'll keep you all posted as to our progress. Cheers Kevin
We own tayana (ta Yang) 42 pH trawler 1976 w/ twin LE 120 absolutely love our boat ....very well built
Tayana 42 ph trawler

I’m a new member from Normandy in France and i am buying à Tayana 1978 42 pH trawler and lookng for information about thoses boats
Happy to read Bill who has one and is Ok with she
Any user information is welcome to help me in the use of my new boat
Welcome aboard. Sorry, I can’t help with that line of boats.

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