T6.354 oil pressure sending unit replacement

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Sep 7, 2021
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Looking to replace the original oil sending units on my perkins TE 6.354 motors. I searched for replacement sending units and there are two different types. I do not really want to spend 100-200 dollars each for sending units. Can the originals be cleaned? Is there a substitute for the originals? I am getting sporadic readings on gages (45 psi to 75). I bought an oil pressure tester kit and will test first. But I am almost certain it is the sending units.


RMK 818
It could be a loose or intermittent electrical connection. I would check the connections first. Do the simple stuff first.
After checking connections and wiring as suggested by Comodave consider non Perkins branded senders. I replaced the gauges and senders on my Perkins 6-354T with VDO. Don't remember what senders I used but they were in the $20.00 range. Gauges read in the book specified ranges.

Perkins senders seem to be way above the price of others on the market. Saw a VDO sender on Amazon for $14.00.

Very common problem that the sender goes bad. Look up the sender by the brand of gauge. Pick the right range, you can do this by looking at the gauges dial. 0-80 0-400 etc. finally is it a single post or dual post sender. Match the thread and diameter of the sender for quick replacement . All of this should be on the sender itself also

Pretty cheap 13-30 bucks depending on the sender
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