Sundeck Roof Repair

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Dec 1, 2011
Hi Folks, First post. We have a 89 Golden Star with sundeck that seems to have weakened over time probably due to the dinghy that sits on it. Our yard here in Maine suggests cutting the top off where the stringers are and replacing them with composite material to stiffen the top. The cost for this is over $10K which seems crazy. Has anyone experienced this and what was the remidy
No experience with this myself as I don't have a sundeck with a cover.

Without seeing what is going on it is not easy to accurately comment.

* What is happening?* Photos, good description.

It's quite possible the structure was not up to the job depending on the size and weight of the dinghy and of course what else was later put in the dinghy.* I've seen dinghys stored up top that also have a whole bunch of other stuff thrown in which adds a* lot of weight over that of the dinghy and engine package itself.

Depending on what is going on and the original construction*what they suggest may not be far off the mark.* To make it look as good as original will likely take a lot of work, lots of filling, sanding and fairing on top of the basic structure additions.* Whether it's worth $10K is of course a good question that I can't answer.

Are you handy?*Do you want a 'good as new' job or are you willing to accept a bit less than perfect.* I've seen the results of folk who have done a darn fine job, as good as any pro., *but it just takes time. *

Maybe you could add more ribs and make the existing ones deeper by sistering and glassing over.* You likely will also*need to *alter the perimeter frame as the ribs need a good structure to tie to.**

The chocks the dinghy sits in should be looked at.* They can be done so they help reinforce the roof and spread the load over a wider area instead of just sitting up there.

Maybe ask around your fellow boaters for a good independent fiberglasser.* They are around and they don't need to charge the shop rates of a yard.* They won't necessarily be cheap but maybe a lot cheaper since they won't have the overhead.

Someone else will chime in with hopefully more/better suggestions.


The chocks the dinghy sits in should be looked at.* They can be done so they help reinforce the roof and spread the load over a wider area instead of just sitting up there.

I have a Sundeck with a roof and I don't the strength is there to support a dink as is. One idea I had was to use a framework for the dink chocks that span from one side to the other that might be 3" aluminum I beam. I would possibly run SS carriage bolts from beneath and into the flange on the I beam to "lift" and strengthen the center.
Not knowing the size of area for repairs but based on doing the work you described then*shed time ( if placed inside ) + labor+ materials & clean-up I would suggest that $10K for about two & half weeks of work, sounds just about right for a professional job.

Look at it this way, if not doing it decreases the valve of your yacht by $10K the cost of repair is free. *

Has anyone experienced this and what was the remidy

Yes a local Californian 42 had the same problem.

Solution ,

Cut the top off and install a GRP foam cored top.

AS his was part of the fly bridge , it needs to be strong enough for 10-20 folks (like a 4th of July Fireworks crowd.

THe materials were only about a grand , learn to lay up glass.

An illegal can do it with an hours instruction,,,
Spongy topsides can result from water intrusion. Insure you have plugged the leaks through the deck screw holes, leaking windows etc.
More detail is needed.* However, I would modify the external support and/or dink davits to spread the load and stiffing/support the area.* Probable nobody will even notice the difference.*
This summer or next I will have to come up with a new support/davit for our 12 ft Livingston as its about 50% heavier than the dink we have not.* I replaced the old wood mast and boom with a new thick wall aluminum.* Still have to add some additional stays for the heavier lift.* The new davits will *spread the load over a wider area as it sits off the back deck roof over hang.*********
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