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Delia Rosa

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Jan 20, 2011
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Delia Rosa
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C & L Sea Ranger 47 Raised Pilothouse
I thought we used to be able to go to any thread and if we wanted to be notified of new posts, there was a 'subscribe' button on the top of the page to click... * it seems to have disappeared... am I missing something? *(I know that if I actually post a reply I can request an email notification)
I just saw that FlyWright has already asked this question... so I should have used his thread... could you please move my question over and delete my new thread! *thanks in advance..
It looks like it's back, Dan! Something must have happened today to change it back.

Thanks, Mods!!
Wonderful... whatever changed... it seems to work!
so how did you fix it?
We're just good like that!!!!
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