Stuck in Petersburg with bad lift pump....

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I have a 5.9 QSB and likely a failed electric fuel pump as did DDW. No 60 second run with key at ON. Drained engine fuel filter and replaced, still no pump run. Tony Athens responded with a clear “ replace pump”. Part arrived today from Seabord any just beginning job. The Cummins pump was China made and in a sealed plastic bag. It was not dry as was DDW’s and smelt of diesel indicating to me it had been tested. The conical mounting rubbers were very loose.

Thank you DDW for the write up on the replacement steps. I will post on my success.
Here are the pictures to go with the explanation. For some reason they don't allow linking to Imgur, so the private reply didn't "take".





Here are the pictures to go with the explanation. For some reason they don't allow linking to Imgur, so the private reply didn't "take".

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Thanks for the photos! There are some differences in the design of the ECM plate and the SIM is mounted elsewhere. The harness is much bulkier and rigid and I had to remove the round connector and the rectangular connector to be able to move the plate. Impossible to reboot so that is where I drilled and tapped. I will let you know the results tomorrow.
Interesting. What year is your engine? Mine is 2006 or possibly 2005 build. Assume yours is later with a 2010 tug.

It may go without saying (or may be too late), that you should cycle the key as soon in the assembly procedure as possible - EMC plate back on, fuel lines tight - so that if there is still an issue you have further to go back in. That's why I had to do it all twice.
I did heed your warning about partial assembly and keyed the switch a number of times and no pump action. Still getting error:


Double checked all connections and seem good. Next steps??? I believe the ECM provides a PWM supply to pump, get a 124V reading on multimeter?
124V? Likely your multimeter is being fooled.

No knowledge, however the error is certainly different than what I was getting. I was seeing a couple of different errors relating to fuel pump pressure. That error *seems* like a wiring issue in the J1939 network, perhaps to the SIM module but I suppose it could be anywhere. It is too bad Cummins doesn't allow their end users access to the diagnostic tools. You may be stuck getting a technician with that tool in to look at it. I think you can rent it from Cummins for something like $1000+ a year.

On the plus side, keep the old pump, might still be a good spare :)....
I figured that the PWM output was not a valid indicator but at least it was a reading. Both yards with Cummins techs have not given me much hope, one basically said no interest in extra work and the other, 70 miles away, was try next month and we might be able to help you. Not a good start to the summer cruise😩
You can have 2 lift pumps in series. The valves in pumps are like check valves, allowing fuel to move only one way. Both pumps don't need to be on to move fuel. One pump will pump thru the other. The second pump just needs to be in the fuel line before or after the original pump.
I've done it many times. Usually to facilitate filling filters after a change, but also as an emergency repair at sea.
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