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Oct 6, 2007
Going to show tomorrow to see what they have.

As it tuned out, it was a tiny show with just a few boats; in and out within an hour.

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Show was a let down. Only two trawlers and did the whole show in about an hour
Bummer....sorry to hear that. I guess the big one is coming up in a week or two????
I went to the Stuart show in 2007 or 8,*lots of trawlers and other boats and equipment booths of all types back then, things are probably just too slow for the manufacturers left to shell out money like they did, limited number of active buyers too.

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belizebill wrote:

Ill be in South Fla. next week in Feb. ,is there a boat show? BB
the big one----the Miami Boat Show.* Use google to get the dates.

I went to the San Diego show last weekend and was surprised at "who didn't show up."
Grand banks was conspicuous by their absence so I ask some of the brokers why. They said it costs $35/ft to put a boat in the show which is paid by the boat's owner. Not the brokerage firm. (That's $1,050.00 for just a 30 foot boat!) It's a wonder that any used boat exhibitor showed up!
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