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Oct 7, 2007
Vessel Make
Bayliner 4550 Pilothouse

We started our 275 mile trip up the TN River earlier this week. *Since my previous blog was boat name specific, we have started a new one that is tied to any boat name so that i can stay in one spot no matter which boat we may own. *

Speaking of boats, this one is running great! *We started @ the beginning of the Ten-Tom near TN River MM 216. *We are going to MM 477.5 *and spent last night at MM 378. *Boat is running great. *I am absolutely loving the pilothouse! *It is a great cruising boat and very comfortable. *We lost some time this week due to a late start the first day and then some seriously thick fog, rain, and winds, but yesterday and today are sunny. *I don't mnd though b/c that means we get an extra day cruising. *This has definitely been one of our most fun trips on the river.

Anyway, our new blog if you want to check it out with pictures, etc. is

Attached are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure....

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Great start on the new blog!!* What is the name of the new vessel??
We are going to name her "Watermark" after the name of my brokerage firm. :)
Really nice start to the blog.....great shots. Must give you mixed emotions to begin a new blog without your Monk, but we all gotta move on. Doesn't look like anyone is having trouble finding space.
That 47 is a great cruising boat! Your photos take me back about 12 years when my buddy & I cruised his Bayliner 45.
I'm enjoying the blog.... great pictures and I know you will love the space onboard!
The blog loks good, now, when will you make the trip to the Gulf?
Steve W
Glad you all like the pics!

Steve, send the fuel $$$ and supplemental income and I will be down to the coast ASAP! ;)

We are only about 45 miles from our home port now. We are up to just over 30 hours on the main engines and they have run great. I am so pleased with this boat and how she handles and all the room and I don't know how I ever got by without a pilothouse! :)

Some more pics from today. *The foggy one I snapped just at was amazing! *This was also the last weekend for duck hunting in Alabama. *I love the picture I got of the guy hunting on his boat with his shotgun and retreiver. *

This has been one of the best trips I've ever been on aboard a boat. *Just a great, great time with my dad and my son.


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Wow, Tony. Really awesome, almost surreal first two shots. Look like wall hangings. I might even buy the first one.
Hey Woodsong, now you have this lovely "1987 Bayliner 4550 Pilothouse, on the Tennessee River in Chattanooga", does that mean you are now doing the marine equivalent of the Chattanooga Choo Choo?....and....second question - this one really serious, do you think now, loving the pilothouse as you say, that maybe a flybridge is superfluous on the pilothouse type boat, or do you still see a place for it. I would like your reflex answer now, and then for you to answer that again when you get to the end of this cruise.
I think flybridges are great. I like our pilothouse a lot but I am sure this summer when it is gorgeous out you will find me equally happy on the bridge. :) It also adds an entire other level for guests or us to hang out at. And yes....too many boats means I can start my own choo choo train! :)
Ok, well let's hear you feelings about it, and how much you actually used the flybridge, when you get to where you're going, then. See if the answer is still the same.
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