Spring travel upstream on the Upper Mississippi River.

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Capn Craig

Oct 16, 2010
My boat is in Kentucky and my home is in Iowa. *I need to get it home. *My original plan was to leave it in Kentucky until early summer when the threat of flooding passes on the Mississippi. *Now I am reconsidering if I couldn't get it home sooner. *Anybody have any high water upstream experience? *My trip north will be about 625 miles. *About 125 miles to Cairo Il and the Miss. *Then North 500 miles. *My thinking is that if I could do this in late March, early April, I could probably beat the spring flood here. *I am not so concerned with the 300 miles above Alton Il (Illinois River) as I am of the river to the south. *This is the stretch seen by the Loopers, and boats headed north to the Great Lakes. I know that the river is big and potentially nasty. *I don't know what to anticipate for current. *My guess is 3~4 MPH.
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