Spring Fling – Freeport Rendezvous, May 13th through 15th, 2011

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Oct 7, 2010
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Pilgrim 40
For information go to www.tmca.nu

Save the date! The Texas Mariners Cruising Association (TMCA), the organizing sponsor, in conjunction with the City of Freeport, Texas would like to invite you to attend the First Annual Spring Fling Freeport Rendezvous, May 13<sup>th</sup> through 15<sup>th</sup>, 2011.Power, sail or motor-sail offshore or in the intracoastal waterway from your home port to join us for the festivities at the Freeport Municipal Marina, Freeport, Texas. The boating event is open to sail and power vessels and we will have experienced boaters available to help those who would like a little help getting down the coast. RVs and Land yachts welcome to attend as well!
There will be food, live music, a trade show, in the water boat display, boating seminars and much more.
Friday nights entertainment will be "Hotline" and*Jerry Diaz & Hanna's Reef. Saturdays line up will start off with Southbound followed by Andy and the Dreamsicles. The festivities will culminate with a Latitudes & Attitudes Cruisers Party on Saturday night, featuring band (TBA). The City of Freeport, Texas will have special bus/trolley routes running continuously between their marinas and select hotels for easy access to the*Municipal Marina.

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We will see you there!!!!
That sounds like fun.
The same weekend we'll be in Biloxi, MS for the Offshore Power boat races "Smokin' the Sound" so we'll miss the Freeport great times.
Alfton, that does sound like fun!

BTW, is that a Pilgrim in your avatar?* Would it happen to be the same one that was in the middle of the road on Pleasure Island after Hurricane Ike?

Those are great boats!
The very same one, with a lot of TLC
We see it everytime we go out of the marina and have watched the Evolution. I absolutely love those boats and would own one if I could!!!...someday!
Where is that marina? Their brochure won't download.
I am not all to sure you would enjoy "Flying Low" at 7 knots.*
Alfton wrote:

I am not all to sure you would enjoy "Flying Low" at 7 knots.

Doesn't really bother us....just a state of mind...lol. *We had a Prairie 29 that cruised at 6.5 knots. *We went more places in that boat than this one. *The Pilgrim would be a slam dunk with the Admiral. *Just to spendy for us at this point. *THere are a lot of very nice ones on YW right now!!!
Found it on ActiveCaptain. Latitude: 28°57.074'N
Longitude: 095°20.665'W.

That's inside what at one time was a homeland security protected area. I guess it's not any more.

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It is shaping up to be a great event.* Hope to see you there.

We are as good as there!!!
It's up in the harbor, north of the ICW.
Hey guys, all of the pics that I have seen show it almost empty. Any idea how many boats are in there now?* Also, will slip reservations have to be made through TMCA or the marina?

I talked to Brent (Friendship) last night and he said he will be there with the http://www.truenorth-marine.com/ crew.* They're also thinking about having at least one mechanic at the festivities to do some work if needed.

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The marina is not complete yet.* I understand that they have power and water on the docks, but no heads and showers ashore yet.* To my knowledge you will have to make reservations through TMCA.* The club is also co ordinating transportation from two (2) other marinas in Freeport.*
Thanks, John.* Will do.* I plan to be there with Boomarang.* We'll see you there!
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