spring coil for the rope retrive mechanism dinghy o/b?

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Jan 25, 2011
did a spring time test of the dinghy and the o/b..
after yanking the line a dozen times, it stopped retreiving.
after opening her up I found the coil had broken and need a replacement.
any good ideas where to find these?
my o/b is an older evinrude yachtwin (2 stroke 4hp)
You could start with a google search for "Evinrude outboard engine parts".
Or a local dealer.
If you are feeling handy a lot of the old starter rewinds were made of a flat steel ribbon. They usually break where the end has been notched to attach to the housing. If so file a new notch, wind in a few turns of tension and stick it back in place.*

Of course yours could be made*some other way and this info won't help.


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