Sour or Other Odor in Central Heat/AC Ductwork?

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Jul 28, 2009
I've been asked to help test market a new product that claims to eliminate and prevent sour, musty, sewer-like or other unpleasant odors in HVAC ducts caused by molds, fungi and bacteria.* It's a solid block of a non-toxic, environmentally friendly waxy gel that's placed in the air return duct...lasts up three months.

This HOT humid summer is the perfect time to find out whether this stuff does if you have a problem with odor from the HVAC ducts, even if only for a while after it's been off for a while, and would like to test this product, send me an email and I'll send it to you.* I'll answer questions about it here.
Thanks to an overwhelming response, we have all the testers we can use. If you've already emailed me, you're in. It'll be a couple of weeks before the samples go out.

The enthusiastic response is really appreciated!
Dometic has a complex , expensive , but possible cure for ducts that stink.
FF wrote:
Dometic has a complex , expensive , but possible cure for ducts that stink.
*Hey all...Not spamming here (ck my past posts) and I'm not trying to hijack HeadMistress's thread, but since it was brought up...

I sell the Dometic Fresh Air Tube...It's really not complicated, and just connects in-line in a duct...Then power comes from the main power input of the A/C unit.

I have installed several & the owners love them...They really do work well...

Till the end of the year, Dometic is offering a $100 factory rebate on the tubes...$200 if you buy a Turbo self contained unit with it...

If anyone is interested...start a new thread...I check in from time to time, or check me out in my link below...

Is it an ozone generator? If not, how does it work?
Why not locate the source of the smell generator and deal with it? Unless of course you are trying to sell a decaying, wet, moldy, dry rot ridden. leaky*boat to the unwary.

Not too long ago, a broker who frequents these sites said your nose is a great way to detect a good vessel, or conversely ------. A good nose can detect arising maintenance* issues such diesel and head hose leaks,*bad water in*tanks, hidden joints (it happens!), hidden wet rags/towels, bait tank issues and loaded wiring.

Burnt wiring smell is how I discovered my poorly designed Dometic fridge was going out two years ago.
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