Semco Teak Deck Sealer - your experience?

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Jan 11, 2008
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I would love to hear anyones experience with Semco Teak Deck Sealer.*

I used a two part cleaner on my teak decks.* Then, two days later, when the decks were very dry, i applied*6 coats of Semco Neutral Teak Deck Sealer over several days.

I am just returning from a 10 day cruise where salt water got on the decks.* Now there are several areas where the Semco is gone!* It looks very "splotchy" now.* Its looks like the salt water ate thru the Semco Sealer and there are now bare teak spots.

Has anyone had similar experience?* If so, is there a better brand?

I just started to use the sealer because I like the way it looks and seals the wood.

Thanks for any comments.


Taras wrote:
I would love to hear anyones experience with Semco Teak Deck Sealer.

******* Steve: I had a similar experience with the Semco Teak Deck Sealer. I applied it to a

******* brand new teak swim platform & it lasted just 3 outings before I could see it was

******* washing off. I then went to West Marine and bought a quart of the StarBrite Teak

******* Oil & Sealer. Much thicker than the Semco, it has been holding up real well. When

******* underway, there's a lot of salt water that washes over the swim platform but the

******* Starbrite is holding up fine & looks great!

****** Star Brite 88032 Tropical Teak Sealer Dark Qt





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I used it on the teak cockpit floor of my old Trojan.* It never saw salt water.* I was NOT impressed.** Seemed to disappear over a couple months and got progressivly more blotchy.** It didn't do anything that cedartone deck sealer does except that I didn't think it lasted as long.* it held its color OK on the teak aft rail but didn't look too good.
Thank you so much for the Starbright recommendation.

That sounds like a good product.* I see you have had good results with your swim platform.* Do you know if this product is good for Decks too?* I hear some products can make the caulking separate from the teak?

Thanks for any additional info here!!


charles wrote:My experience tells me that the decks should have NOTHING on them,
******* I don't have teak decks but if I did, I would take Charle's advice. The swim platform, however, is another story. It looks so much better than allowing the Teak to age silver in color. I use the Epiphane varnishes on the rest of the boat.


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I been using Dealy's Seafin oil/sealer for 12+ years on the exterior exposed teak deck.* after 9 months or PNW rain the water still beads.* It goes on thin like water*so its absorbed into the wood, down*in the cracks and dries hard, so you have to put a couple of coats on.* Each September*I repair the teak caulking fasteners, the scrub the deck with 3M sanding foam blocks to get off the excess dirt, then two coats of sealer.*

Dealy's is used in the Restaurants on the bars and tables.* My son's who own restaurants told be about it.*It is sold in marine stores also*
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