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Sale or Trade 1978 36' Albin Trawler Paint now in work. Need 40' or 42' trawler

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Jan 29, 2012
* We need a larger boat due to Hobbies.**** Paint is average, but top notch phisicaly, bow to stern. I know survey will be higher than asking price of $48,000. EASY.* New paint has started so price is now $78,000.00

* Our Albin Had an extensive upfit in 2011 New heads, new electronics, all new hoses, new water pumps, new bilge bumps, new frig, new stove, some new windows, new lights, new 3000 whatt inverter, new batteries, new alternator, new shaft and packing, new instuments, new galley, new radar mast, with new tv antenna mounted. two*new GPS, new canvas, reverse cycle digital ac and heat, sliding drawers in cabinets and much more. Will include original mast and boom.

* Ready to start and cruse on a moments notice. We had all this work done then moved onboard to find not quite enough room Due to two sewing machines.*

* If anyone knows anything or could help please advise.* Thanks, PS we have a clear title and boat is located in charleston.



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RE: Sale or Trade 1978 36' Albin Trawler all new in 2011 except paint. Nice

* No, it is an Island trader 40' that we want. Motor sailer trawler type. Same engine as we have but lots more room. Weve been on one the other day but its not for sale.* But I would take a nice trawler if 40' or larger. Thanks
RE: Sale or Trade 1978 36' Albin Trawler all new in 2011 except paint. Nice

check your PM.
Located in Charleston, sc. But taking trip to Keys about 16 May.
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