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Oct 29, 2009
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Skinny Dippin'
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Navigator 42'
So, Tom and I are always wondering who exactly is passing by on the ICW.* And then we got to talking about whether ya'll would be interested in a*"get together"?*

If one were to propose a get together, say maybe a weekend oyster roast, would anyone be interested in coming?* I know there are a bunch of West Coasters on here, but how many East Coasters or ICW Cruisers do we have?* And more than that, if we planned an event like this, would you come?*

Would it be a better Spring, Summer or Fall idea?* Late Summer/ Fall is hurricane season, so I'm sure that's not the ideal time.* Would it be better to catch the migration season north or south?

I've invited everyone to stop by for a visit on the East Coast forum, but*what about a real "event"....could it be done?
Yes....actually I'll be bringing "Bucky" south on the FL ICW all next week. An ICW ho-down shouldn't be hard to plan, but get RSVP's.
Spring and fall are perfect times for an oyster roast.* Just so happens that we plan to be passing through in spring and fall.* What a coincidence!

The big problem will be getting schedules together.* Sounds like great fun.
We'll be boating in your area from now until November probably before we winterize....* you don't need to twist my arm to eat a good oyster.* I may show with a centerline H20 tank converted to hold rum.* Watch out!
I hope to bring my boat from Boston to Charleston SC this late summer / autumn. Count me in :)
Great Feedback so far!* I wonder if we could do a "trial mini get together" while Moonstruck is coming through in early May?** Since we were hoping to meeting up with Don and crew then anyway, who else might be in the area or close enough (woody) to come for a weekend roast?*

We are in Carolina Beach at Joyner Marina.*(green marker 161)*The Marina has an awesome view of Snows Cut, the perfect place for sundowners and oysters!
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