Rebuilding raw water pump on 120 ford leman

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May 28, 2014
Hi Every one I have to rebuild our raw water pump on our 120 ford leman . It is a jabsco There is no model no on the pump . The seal should be replaced Hard to believe but I can not find to much info up here in Powell river B.C.


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American Diesel has the rebuild kits for this pump. $40.00

I just took the Lehman class from Bob Smith and he talked about this pump and the newer Johnson use do replace the Jabsco.
Welcome aboard. The Jabsco pump has a design flaw. Rather than rebuilding, I'd replace it with a Johnson pump as mentioned.
Technically the flaw is not in the pump but the pump drive type that Lehman used. And they do fail from time to time. But then again they also last for years and years in many/most cases. So you may still want to consider rebuilding it. Parts should also be available from Depco Pump as well.

And if you end up replacing it with a Johnson pump please let me know. I'd be happy to take it off your hands, flaw or no flaw. :)
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