Raymarine Evolution Autopilot Install

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Nov 4, 2021
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Mainship Pilot 30
So I just finished installing a Raymarine Evolution EV 150 auto pilot into my 1999 Mainship Pilot 30 and I thought I would share some of my highs and lows. I have a seastar steering single station.
I located the autopilot pump and ACU unit in a compartment under the helm seat- I had to cut a hole in the outboard side to give me easy access to the wire run which went up to the helm station.
I located the EV-1 about 3 aft of the ACU in a seat locker.
I teed the new hydraulic hose in the back of the steering pump. I found I really had to crank down on the fittings especially at the autopilot pump to stop small hydraulic leaks. This is easier to do if the pump is not secured to the deck or whatever yet as its difficult to get wrenches around the various fittings.
Bleeding the system took me awhile and I was very glad to have a friend to help. I the Raymarine and Seastar instructions for bleeding ( Note the fitting I got online to attach to he steering pump and the hydraulic bottle didn't fit and we had to adapt. I did not buy from Seastar but an amazon purveyor). I did bleed the cylinder back by the rudder and that ws they key for me in finishing the job.
On the Sea trail I did discover that I had attached the two wires from the autopilot pump to the ACU backwards. I swapped them around and they system worked perfectly.

Hope that helps anyone undertaking this project
Good advice. I’m planning to do the same in two weeks. Did you install Rudder Position Indicator at the same time? I’m trying to imagine how to construct a mount for that. Did you use a straight, or 90 degree, connector for the return line to the SeaStar helm pump? I have a SeaStar (Dometic) kit on order, so hopefully fittings will match.
Mark I did not install a rudder indicator and I used a straight for the return line. As an fyi the correct wiring for my pump was the red line to the B connection on the brain box. Good luck

did you have to run a return line from the helm pump back to the autopilot pump?
Yes, I got the kit which included a return line which you can cut to the length you need and all the fittings to connect all the hoses to both the autopilot pump and the steering pump (the wheel). The fittings for the return lines are compression fittings- I was skeptical of their working but they did- Good Luck !
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