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Jul 30, 2009
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I'm in the market for parts for my fuel filter and polishing rig. Specifically, I am looking at Racor filters (500's). Is there a way to know if what you are buying in a genuine Racor or a cheap knock-off?
It helps to have good photos.* Ebay is mostly about trust.* Previous purchasers of the sellers' provide ratings.* Look for sellers with many sales who have consistently good purchaser evaluations.
Haven't bought a Racor filter in over 10 years, so I really don't know how cheap you can find them. However, these guys are the cheapest I have found for the filter elements. They also sell Racor filters. So you might want to compare their prices.

Marine Filters

I have used these guys and their RACOR look alikes ( Griffin) are very good.
They use the RACOR filter insert.
I used them for my polishing unit.

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Hmmm.... Interesting... I never considered INTENTIONALLY using a knock-off for it. I'll add it to the mental calculations. Thanks.
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