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The Dread Pirate Robert

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Jan 7, 2019
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My hose connecting the pump out fitting and the holding tank is original, 1987, to the boat. It looks a bit cracked and could be a source of oder. The current 2” ID hose is black with wire reinforced.
Can it be replaced with a white pvc schedule 40 flex hose or does it need to be wire reinforced as well?
Holding tank hoses are usually 1.5” ID. I would certainly replace a hose as old as that. Raritan SaniFlex hose is all that I would use. It is extremely flexible and has a warranty for odors. Can you adapt the tank to a 1.5” hose? Defender sells SaniFlex by the foot.
Envinronmentalmarine.com has a 2 inch non-permeable sanitation hose that is flexible and similar to the Raritan and Trident 101 products.
And verify the size. 1 1/2" ID heavy wall hose would be about 2" OD.
Yes the 2” could be the OD. 1” Saniflex is 1.375 OD. So 1.5 ID would be close to 2” OD.
Another vote for Saniflex. It will probably outlast the boat.

It has a 10 year warranty against odor permeation, which is the average max working life of ANY hose. That's because rubber and plastics dry out with age, becoming hard, brittle and prone to cracking and splitting. According to BOAT/US, old hoses connected to open thru-hulls when no one is aboard is the leading cause of boats sinking in their slips. But it doesn't have to be a hose that can sink your ship...it's just as important to replace hoses that can stink a ship--which isn't only sanitation hoses--when they're approaching 10 years old.

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