PT-38 rendezvous next summer? (2011)

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Rick Hudson

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Sep 19, 2010
Vessel Name
Raincoast Gypsy
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Cheer Men 38
Hi All,

This summer for some reason we saw and spoke with more PT-38s (3) than we've ever done in all previous years combined. Go figure.

Anyway, there was a request from several folks that 'someone' ought to organize a rendezvous for 2011.

First step: find out who's out there. So,
Please contact me through the Forum, or directly at and I'll let you have the secret decoder ring, and keep you posted. In one day, I've tracked down 6 other owners. That's 14 people in total. That's more than have ever walked on the moon. We are no longer exclusive! Join!


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I've been told there are 5 or 6 PTs in the Capital City YC, perhaps you are one of them.* Although I'm not in contact with most of them I estimate there are about 12 in the Puget Sound area.*

As a host at the marina at Blake Is. I occasionally see a "new" one there.* There is a 38 on the Duammish (Seattle), there's one in Gig Harbor, one in Olympia and 2 of us in Brownsville.* I don't recall where the other's we have seen hale from.

Depending on when, where and the weather I'm in favor of a gathering.

Hi Ed,

Thanks for the heads up. Investigations should start at home - I'll chase down the CCYC folks. Send me an email at so I can correspond outside TF too - not sure I always get all the mail inside TF.

Hi Rick
Mike here from CCYC, just to let you know I have calls into the PT owners at the club and will let you know as to their wishes. The club has 4 boats built by Cheer Men. Talk later.
Good on yer, Mike. I also wrote to the CCYC secretary/manager/? asking if I could get that data. But your route will likely produce better data faster.
Well, if we were on the West Coast, I'd certainly join your rendezevous. But, as luck would have it, we are located on Lake Ontario. we have a PT-38 Europa style Sedan, and if you hold your rendezevous in a place close to hotel, we may just fly on out to meet all of you.

Good luck on bringing it all together.

Rick...I like the picture of the attachment in your post, even though it is our boat you are showing off. We now own the former "Tumbleweed" and have renamed her the Lucky Find III.


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Hi Al,

Lake Ontario .. Lake Ontario ... that's somewhere near Winnipeg, isn't it? (Slept through that class in Geography!)

Thanks for the note, and congrats on owning the icon of the PT-38 fleet. You will notice that I have changed my avatar to reflect Raincoast Gypsy's true appearance, as we are one of those rare boats with a radar arch, not a mast. And no, it wasn't a retro - there are no mast screw holes in the deck.

We will keep you in mind should we ever pull off this rendezvous plan. The idea of a good hotel nearby sounds like sensible advice, provided it has a bar with a good sea view ...

You were probably doing more than sleeping during that geography class...LOL

Lake Ontario is on the east coast, you know, near Toronto, Ontario Canada, Kingston, Ontario Canada, Rochester, NY...etc.

We are about 3000 miles from Calif.

BTW...Winnipeg is north of North Dakota.

I hope you can pull this rendezvous off, we'd love to fly out to meet everyone.

And again, thanks for calling my boat the icon of the PT-38 fleet....we are enjoying her immensley.

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We are talking about Cheer Men PTs?* If so, count me in...although I dont have those Euro style side thingies you all seem to have.

I saw at least 2 other PTs in Friday Harbor a couple of weeks back.* It looked like they were residents rather than just visiting.* I have yet to see another 42' cockpit model like mine.

BTW, I'm not sure if you guys have the same set-up but one of those Friday Harbor boats had a truncated bowsprit.* It looked like it might have broken off.* The other had added a stiffening strut (handrail stuff?).* It's something I'm thinking of copying (with maybe a larger plate at the bow) as the original design seems to have a built in weak spot where it narrows at the bow.* It turned out that mine was seriously cracked and rotted under that skinny area, with all the damage hidden from any normal view. Fortunately, I caught and fixed it when I pulled the whole bowsprit plate off to change windlasses.* I have a bridle for anchoring so I'm not really that concerned, but the strut just looks like a good idea. **

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Yup, Cheer Men PTs are exactly what we are talking about.*

Do you have an owners manual for yours?* If not, I have a partial that I can share electronically.* It is for the sundeck like yours rather than the euro style sedans that lots of the rest of us have.*


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Nope.* I have lots of individual component manuals for all the upgraded stuff, and I do have what appears to be original schematics of the electrical and plumbing, but not the manual.* I would greatly appreciate a copy.* I'll shoot you an e-mail.

HI Richard,

Sure am learning as we go along. My copy of Ed McKnew doesn't show any Cheer Mens like yours, but if you have the magic hat with the big ears, you can come to the rendezvous same as everyone else. Drop me a line at and I will add you to the mailing list. What year is your boat, and where is your home port?

Rick, I sure hope my Cheer Men boat does exist because I'm sitting on it right now!*

A friend in the brokerage business sent me a couple of pages from the Boat Guide and the PT-42 does show up there.* I believe the Sundeck models were made from 1985 to 1990.* Mine is a 1987.* I'm in Seattle, moored just inside the locks.

I'll shoot you an e-mail later.

BTW...I don't have the hat.* Will this do for ID?*


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Hi Richard
Don't worry, you can spot the hull a mile away. The PT's started to take on a new look after 1985. We ran into a Sedan, same style as ours a few years back. I think it was a 1986 and it looked so exterior teak and stainless rails. Check our website and you will see what I mean.
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