Prosense Fuel Quantity Sensor help

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Jun 14, 2020
United States
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Decent Proposal
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DeFever 40 Trawler
I had installed a few years ago Prosense PTD25 fluid quantity sensors that measure pressure of a fluid and translates that to quantity. These are on my fuel tanks. They worked great until they didn’t. The installer has retired. Prosense is unresponsive. Does anyone have experience with these to get more details? Info goes to an Actisense EMU so problem could be there too.
I have used other prosense devices before, had good luck with them.
They are a 4-20 milliamp output sensor. If there’s power to them, and you can measure power coming out as well, the problem will be in a different device.
I don’t know anything about the actisense emu. Is that just an interface device?
Ok, I had a quick look on the actisense website. You need their software and an interface device to hook up and configure the gauges. You can put a milliamp meter in line with the prosense output and use that info to calibrate the emu. Seems pretty straightforward for any decent marine electronics guy.
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