Proper location for lifting straps on 34 Marine Trader

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Aug 26, 2010
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Brandi Jo
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1975 Marine Trader 34
Hi, We are getting ready to put the boat up for the winter and the previous owner did not have the proper lifting areas marked, any help would be great** Thanks Dom


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** The marina should know where to sling your boat!* It is my understanding that they try to sling in line with a bulkhead.* In your case it MAY be*at the v-berth aft bulkhead and*at the forward bulkhead of the aft cabin.
We will be picking it up at our yacht club and I think this is the first trawler they have picked*** Dom
It makes no difference whether this is a trawler or any other power or sail boat. If they do not know where to pick up your boat you really need to haul out somewhere else. Chuck
Do you have any pictures from when you did the last haul out or survey of your boat in the slings?* We've found*travel-lift operators are real appreciative when they are able to see*what*things look like under the water line.

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We are a small privite yacht club not a marina that claims to be a yacht club, you are in charge of hauling you own boat with the help of other members. I just need a idea of whare the straps would go as all that I havew hauled in the past are spotr crusers

Thanks Dom
As a start the front strap would go about at the front small triangular window, virtually blocking the window or at the window frame between it and the next window aft.

The rear strap should likely be at the step down between the saloon and the aft cabin with the forward edge of the strap right at the point that the step down joins the aft cabin roof.

That should clear the prop and shaft and lift on the solid part of the*keel.
It's been a while since I've watched one of these vessels come out.

Stop the lift process a couple times as it clears the water and look underneath.

If you can, check some yards in your area and have a look at the underbodies. There is likely at least one of two boats similar to yours.

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Just as a quickone.
From the photo I would have the fwd strop under the fwd bulkhead(fwd cabin/Eng room) and the aft strop aft bulkhead (eng room/aft cabin)
If twin screw may have to check under that the slings clear the shafts.
It aint rocket salad but you just gotta be sure.
Dom61 wrote:

We will be picking it up at our yacht club and I think this is the first trawler they have picked*** Dom
Dom, my CHB 34 was just lifted back in last friday, and the straps were much as C-lectric mentioned.* Ie, just for'd of the forward fender in your avatar and about level with the head porthole, and the rearward one was just for'd of the start of the swimboard rubbing strake.

Thanks Everyone. It was about what I thought but wanted a bit of input * * Dom
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